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If the above were an Olympic event I would be a medal winner! Been in the doldrums this week with a twinge of gout and a persistent head cold. Finally got my sh1t together this morning and did a 5k and feel much better for it, didn’t break any records but didn’t expect to now feeling grateful that I actually got out there because I could have gone on Friday or Saturday but made excuses to myself. Must try harder!

Happy running everybody


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Still did it though mate! It's tough at times to keep motivated when you feel rough but you got out there. Hope you feel better soon.

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Unlike you Rigpig! It's really tough when you're just not feeling the ticket - one minute you say to yourself I'm going then you talk yourself out of it. It can last for days but hey you did it and now you can relax for a couple of days. You'll be better soon and you'll be rattling my cage again in no time 🤣

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Good for you! How are things in your part of the world?

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RigpigGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Not as bad as elsewhere but I think it’s coming, there are over 50 cases now and the first couple of community transmitted cases yesterday. Nobody is really ill though and the government has been pretty proactive.

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Speedy60Graduate in reply to Rigpig

Take care, and get everyone you know to follow government advice. I think we're just about to tip over into real horribleness here. 😔

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Doesn’t sound like procrastination to me, more like you needed a few days rest up and to fight off those bugs.... we can be far too hard on ourselves, hope you’re fully recovereed very soon 🤗

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Maybe Friday and Saturday didn’t need to be run, and some time off was better. Great job getting it done today!

You got out there, and you ran so you are that olympic winner

Stay safe

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Gout really is no fun. And it doesn’t help when people make comments about too much wine, sherry, big steaks and liver pâté.

Well done for getting out there and doing it.

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Don't beat yourself up . If you've been feeling unwell it's always best to listen to your body. You got out there and did it that's the main thing. These are strange times and we need to look out for one another. Not much community spirit out there so I'm really grateful for the support I get here. Take care Rigpig and let's change procrastination to just taking care of yourself!

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RigpigGraduate in reply to Allbarron

Thank you, it’s been a crazy week!

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AllbarronGraduate in reply to Rigpig

Yep it has. I'm due to set out on my run and was putting it off. Read your post so now I'm dressed and ready to go! Cheers!

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You got out there though so well done. The rest will probably have done you good 😁

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Well done Rigpig - just getting out there is the important thing. Happy running 👍

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Well done, Rigpig. ;-) You were out running at least. Hope you feel better soon.

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