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Getting going lazy bones


Hi, I really feel I should do this couch to 5k challenge but just can't seem to get going. I get exercise induce bronchospasms most days of the year. I'm clinically obese after years of steroids and allergic asthma, however I feel the only way to get fitter is to exercise more. I've taken a step in the right direction by buying some nice lightweight and memory foam trainers last week. I did an early morning walk with a little jogging....I was out two hours and got back perspiring and out of breath, slept for a few hours then had a cold shower. I felt exhausted all day. lol I didn't even look at the scales, I prefer not to these days since I just know I weigh more than I should. So folks what's the best way to get going safely. I'd love to hear success stories.

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Book a day with yourself on when you're going to start it. just go nice, gentle and slow make sure you take your inhaler with you and just go out and have a go x

LaurieRose in reply to Mrsbee28

Thank you, yes I will start on Monday. I've downloaded the plan ready to print out in the morning and I will do my prep this weekend and make sure I'm more dedicated to it this time.

Hi, my reasons for doing C25k were not the same as yours so I'll hold back on specific advice.

BUT what I will say is remember you're doing this for you, it's not a competition so do it at your own pace. Probably a good idea to have a chat with your GP.

Well done for taking the first step (no pun intended!), now you need to commit. You'll get plenty of support and encouragement here so let us know how you're getting on.

You've got the trainers, now go for it! YOU CAN DO IT!

Not sure which plan you're looking at but I used the NHS podcast with Laura... brilliant, it got me running.

Ah no worries about sending I've downloaded it on Google play. Woo hoo. Feeling quite motivated now. Still going to check with Dr though.

Haha thanks yes no excuse now.

Oooh could you send me the link please?


Use the NHS C25K plan...

Well done for starting but I am not surprised that you were exhausted and out of breath after being out for two hours...!!! My long run days even now are only about a hour's run, even though you were walking too, it is a bit of along time! :)

The whole programme which will suit you and your breathing issues, is a slow and steady gradual build up. Structured and intended to get you running for 30 minutes after nine weeks.

Listen to your is you best guide. Take the super advice from the Graduates too and swap experiences with the others on this journey... we have all been there or are on the way!

Lots of folk on here are also following this programme too and say that they find the two combine wonderfully..maybe take a peek!

Be kind to yourself take extra rest days if you need to and keep up that walking...Keep posting...this is a great pace to be :)


Ditch the scales.. you know when you feel good :)

LaurieRose in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. Yes I agree haha. Good there's so much support. Nice to read the success stories. Think it's going to be a long journey hoping to keep motivated.

I was like you. Thought about doing this so many times and had convinced myself that I just can't run. Then I thought that if I never try, I'll never know and I adopted the "it's not a competition" attitude and off I went. I just completed week 4 yesterday and it's not easy but it is do-able and the sense of achievement is like nothing on earth! Dare I say that I'm enjoying it?

Seriously, speak to your doctor to get the go ahead and once you do, trust the programme and all of the very wise advice on this forum and prepare to be amazed!

Good luck ☺

Thanks. Hey it must be a great feeling to actually be running now.i don't care about any competition I just want to get healthier and keep up with the grandchildren for a start. Would be nice to go in a group when I can keep up though. Do you run alone or have a partner/group you go with? I'm taking my fitness app with me when I go on Monday for the first run.must make sure mobile battery is fully charged first.

Thanks for your encouragement. I'm feeling more motivated by the minute. 😀

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to LaurieRose

Running in a group is a has to be at the pace of the slowest member, which may not suit your own natural pace, or perhaps may make you push harder than your natural pace.

This is your challenge. C25k works, without a doubt, if you put in the effort. It puts you in control. If you don't complete a run you repeat it until your body can cope, then you move on. Don't compare yourself to others and go as slow as you need to.

This is a life changing moment.......seize it now.

Tracey5kOneDayGraduate in reply to LaurieRose

Sorry for not replying before. I am running on a treadmill at the moment. I have no excuse for not sticking with it then as I can't blame the weather for not going! It also means that I can cool down in the pool. My aim is to have the stamina to compete in our local park run by the autumn! How did you get on with your run?

Hi I'm thanks few pains. Breathless and very hot but did it. Going again tomorrow maybe bit slower. Good luck on doing the park run. As cool down in the pool is a good incentive...bliss.


Do the programme. Podcasts are best - the music is 'character-forming' but you do just put the thing on and DO AS YOU ARE TOLD... which comes quite hard to most of us.

You can start by ditching the unkind self-talk - has 'lazy bones' served you well? From what you say, the challenge will be to DO AS YOU ARE TOLD rather than getting going, given the stunt you pulled. The programme is at least as much about avoiding this boom and bust (whether that's injury, exhaustion or limited attention/enthusiasm span) as pushing yourself.

Take it really gently - think 'walking motion' rather than 'brisk' perhaps, and definitely think 'loose running motion' rather than 'sprint'

I have significant limitations due to health (and still need to spend most of my life in bed) but went from obese to healthy BMI... it took me two years because I can't bear hobby dieting, but running really helps me to maintain a healthy weight. I do weigh myself daily - it works for me as there's no emotional content to it, no build up, I know how much my weight can fluctuate (but I am not an emotional/stress eater). I lost 20kgs but haven't dropped a dress size and the tape measure is still not my friend.

LaurieRose in reply to GoogleMe

Thank you....yes no more lazy bones got to think positive. It's great you lost the weight. Maybe you gained muscle and tone if the tape measure still not showing what you would like. Sounds you've done very well though getting to a healthy weight, that's fabulous.

I used to run years ago but I had a running partner then. No one is keen to go or is too busy to go now. Mind you there's quite a few regulars along the seafront in the early hours...maybe I'll join them. Otherwise will go at a regular afternoon slit.

Do you go everyday on the plan? I will take a closer look at it this afternoon and fit it in my timetable. Going up to help my daughter with her housework now, she has three children and a husband. Lol bye for now thanks for the advice. Best healthy wishes.

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to LaurieRose

Emphatically *not* running every day with this programme...(we'll all shout at you, with varying degrees of politeness (although always with empathy) if you don't take the compulsory non-running days between each session) Many people find that as time goes on they do want to add in some other form of exercise on the days between running, and it does support the running... but I'd argue it is better that way round than going at a full on fitness programme like a bull at a gate (does sometimes work, especially for people perhaps who really need to lift themselves out of a whole unhealthy environment/way of life)

I was quite random as that was what worked for me. 'Week 1' took me many more sessions to crack but after that I ran every other day and successfully. Other people find it works best for them to have three set days a week when they run. Yes, it is a programme but the object of the programme is to give you a tool and a habit that you take forward into the rest of your life.


LaurieRose in reply to GoogleMe

Ah jolly good these things are best eased into as a beginner for some. Think I'd be ok going every other day like you. I notice it's part walking to start and I've been walking more lately anyway. Thanks again.


Just do it, the programme is designed for everyone 😎

Yes I'm going to. 😀

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