Greatest Procrastinator

Hi everyone,just to introduce myself . I'm Alayne , 68 and pretty unfit . I've started this several years ago and managed to do a couple of park runs over the years but let everything slide over the last 6-9 months , weight up and fitness down. I decided to do it properly this time and concentrate on fitness , hence my first run of the Ct5K . Out of breath and sweaty. It so glad I started , 2nd run Tuesday 😏


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  • Slow and steady and welcome:)

    Keep posting... keep smiling... keep running... it is. as simple as that :)

  • Thank you , the embarrassment of getting out of the door was the hardest I think but so pleased I've done it .

  • Yeay..." Self confidence is the best outfit... Rock it and own it!!! "

  • Welcome!

    Congratulations on your first run! You have done 2 best things you could possibly do: (1) start, (2) come and write in this forum :)

    Going out is usually the hardest thing. I sometimes trick myself by preparing my running outfit, and kind of hiding regular clothes. After gearing up, I decide to go or not to go. And when you have all of this on you, it's almost impossible not to go. I also post in here to keep me accountable. All the responses I'm receiving motivate me a lot. When so many people believe in you, people that struggle exectly like you, is really up-lifting. Even after some breaks or IC (injury couch) visits, they make you want to run :)

    Good luck! As our mentors are saying: "slow and steady" and "keep running, keep smiling". Those two quotes are my (and not only my) mantras. Enjoy!

  • Thank you, I'll keep telling myself that. :)

  • I am in my mid 30s, but my pace is slower than 90 year old granny walking around with their dogs. Buy who cares! 30 min mile is as far as 10min mile ;) And I am much ahead of all those who still sits on their couches :)

    And so are you!

  • I did tell myself that today , when an overweight man looked me up and down and smiled. It may have been just me feeling self conscious of course 😏

  • I may be not the best thing to write, but running is for health and happiness, the weight loss is just a side effect ;) So concentrate on your fitness getting better, in just few weeks you will be able to do (for now) unthinkable things, like e.g. running for continuous 5, 8, and even 20 minutes. And it will happen faster than you think! Observe your body, how much easier some of the activities are getting, how much better you feel, and for most of us happier and calmer, as running is great for our mental health. Every time I'm getting self-doubt, I know I need to go and run, as it gives me huge confident boost. Running is something I wasn't able to do, even when I was 20 and very fit - I could survive weekend of 8 hour proffeaional dancing workshops, but I couldn't run for 5 minutes, 400 meters were like a marathon for me - just impossible. And now, with some hard work, a little discipline, a lot of support from this forum, and going back to running after every pause, I am able to run for 25 minutes without break :) It makes me believe in myself that I can archive almost everything :)

  • Thank you , up until 6 months ago I have focused on losing weight through dieting and so many times put it all back on again. This time I've decided fitness first and hope the rest follows ( I do feel better slimmer) . I also used to enjoy running outdoors, makes me feel good. You have just reinforced all of that 😊

  • Regarding food: healthy choices (I still struggle in that area with snacks), variety, more veggies, and d not deprive yourself from anything.

    I am definitely the type that needs movement to loose weight. Having a dog and thus obligatory everyday walks do a lot in that area. I want to push myself a little more to find type of exercises I can do and I would love. Dancing is out of the chart due to the knee problems (no movement out of natural alignment). I have some experiments to do in that area that require going out of my comfort zone quite a lot. But, everything in it's own time ;)

  • Welcome, and good luck! I'd fight you for "greatest procrastinator" but maybe when we've gained some fitness... seriously though this forum is fab for keeping us on track so if you ever need accountability or that extra push to keep going out for those next runs you're in the right place.

    PS sweaty is the hottest trend round these parts, usually paired with a pink/orange glow. The out of breathness will improve with your inevitable fitness improvement :)

  • As long as it's not a blue glow I'm happy. I'm actually looking forward to the next run on Tuesday!

  • Congrats on starting and welcome! Told myself for the last 10 years I wanted to start running, found C25K and totally amazed myself up to now . I feel quite proud that I have kept it up, good luck ☺

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