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Suppose to redo w8r3 but actually completed 30 min should I count this as week9 or am I cheating??

As I said only managed 22 mins on one run in week 8 so went out early this morning to conquer it but although at the start was ready to give in by 5mins in was actually enjoying the run by 20mins -don't get me wrong I was huffing and puffing and struggling but not ready to give in yet , thrn I hard the magic words from Laura that I was done -28min completed but I had a little devil on my shoulder telling me to just give it a try and keep going -and I did and managed the full 30 mins -should I count this as run1week 9 or am I cheating myself????

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Well done ! No get straight to wk 9 .


Agree, straight into week 9. Well done!


Absolutely, the purpose of the programme is to be able to run for 30 minutes, not to complete 9 weeks of podcasts. If you can do it already, you have achieved the aim of the programme. Do it another 2 times and you have graduated. Well done!


Great running .... Yeeehaaaaa!

I really don't want to rain on your parade, and I did graduate many months ago .... so opinions may have changed .... but

So far as I was informed, the whole point of the 9 week programme, is that all parts of your body are adequately prepared for regular 30+ minute outings thereafter. I suspect that lots of people achieve a 'fluke' longer run during their training, but the purpose of doing each exercise completely three times is that your strength, endurance and muscle/joint health are all properly, progressively and steadily trained. Some folk do a fantastic run one then balk at repeating it another couple of times, so repeat until they've done three good'uns :) Would you have skipped runs 2 & 3 in earlier weeks if you'd managed run 1 easily?

I have no problem with you heading straight into week 9, I'm guessing that your fitness level at the start of the programme was better than many, however, I don't think we should advocate that once a 30 min run is completed then 'graduation' is achieved. Truly, lots of good wishes for your week 9. I sincerely hope the regular 30 minute/5km runs come easily to you. I just didn't want other, newer runners/readers to get the impression that a 30 minute run is the only goal: better fitness is also a function of the programme and that usually takes 9 weeks or longer for many people to achieve.

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Thanks everyone -no Lms2110 - I was totally unfit before and only slightly better now being 4stone overweigh!. On week 7 I really had trouble and it took me 8 runs to finally get the 3 I need to progress so I know what you mean about flukes. But will see how the next run goes I guess and see.


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