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Flu jab season

I had my annual flu vaccination yesterday. I always feel a bit out of place at the clinic as I'm at least 20 years younger than most who are summoned, but as I suffer from Asthma I'm 'encouraged' by my GP to have it every year. This year is the earliest I can remember having it, it's usually in October or even November.

I went for my run first thing, it was lovely and cool and for once I wasn't a beetroot sweaty mess so I went home via the clinic in my running gear - that made the young GP smile and say well done, I'm impressed! Hope he put that on my record!!

Today my left arm is very sore, and I was so tired last night, so I'm glad I ran yesterday. I've had the jab for years without problems, but running is still very new - does anyone else have this vaccination?

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Three tags there. Lol. Yes I have it every year, get it done through work. I've never had a problem with it, so I've always taken up the opportunity of having it.

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Oh wow yes - 3 tags!


Hi. Yes it is a little earlier than usual but that is down to when the stock is made available ( new version every year to combat those crafty mutations of the virus) and how quickly your GP practice get vaccs under way. Good that you have got yourself protected against those bugs! Happy running😀


That's good to know, mr Rfc has to have it and I have it as his carer so I must check with our GP as to when it coming in.


I have the jab as I am my husbands carer and I often leave running for a few days afterwards, just because I want it all to work properly and do its job. I'm not sure it makes any difference but it just seems like the right thing to do.


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