Best running season?

Best running season?

Wondering which season you like best to run in. I think winter is mine because that is when I was doing C25K last year so I had many rainy, muddy, sloshy runs. I can still remember battling to run to the next tree thinking that I may even die before I got there! Even nearly slipping over on a muddy track which at 52 is hilarious! Even enjoyed drying out my cool (and cheap) trail shoes and then brushing them because I had come home caked in mud. What is your favourite running season and why?


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13 Replies

  • Most definately this time of year - best conditions are cool, breezy and preferably after a lot of rain! 😀

  • Hi Joolie! I think my favourite is summer as the days are long and the sun is out. Not fun if it's too hot though, so I also like late spring and early autumn.

    I don't like the cold and dark so I find this time of year difficult and completely off-putting.

  • Winter. It's cold but exhilarating. The tiniest of runs and you feel like a god. Helps me to get some much needed outdoor time, winter tends to be my highest mileage months.

  • I consider the summer months to be my favourite season for running, as they allow me to enjoy early-mid evening, low-tide, bare foot runs along the shore-line while daylight still prevails.

    Living incredibly close to the North-East UK coast line, it's something that I'm afforded upon regular occasion, running from Seaburn to Whitburn and back, alternating between softer and harder sand (think of a zig-zag motion over the sand).

    It's something that I regularly enjoy from late May until early September.

  • I tried a run at low tide (with shoes) last year with friends - it was soon after I got back from injury and I had to give up as my knees hurt so much. I'd like to give it another go though.

    What's easier on the joints - firm sand or soft?

  • Firmer sand certainly provides a more stable surface to run upon, but is still fairly challenging upon muscles and joints, as the feet sink into it slightly. Areas of shoreline, where the sand undulates (due to turning tide) can be rather challenging, so it's important to regulate pace as they're negotiated.

    Due to its unpredictably, I'd view softer sand as more challenging, posing a greater risk to joints, particularly if exercises to improve strength and stability of muscles that support them have been neglected (wobble-boards are great for improving stability).

    However, the benefit of running bare foot upon softer and harder sand is that it encourages a shorter running gait and lighter foot fall, one which is more likely to be mid-foot, as the knees also bend a little more to help absorb the impact (since sand provides no bounce back).

    Since I go 5-6 months without running barefoot on sand or concrete (I have a pair of Amuri Clouds for treading the streets in summer), it's something that always requires a short period of re-adjustment, but with a few short, easy runs under my belt, the muscles quickly become accustomed.

    For the Amuri Clouds, visit:

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks for finding that for me 🎖

  • Four seasons in one day here so often it is more a question of looking out the window rather than what season. However generally Spring and Autumn have my vote! Winter weather here in the Highlands is unpredictable and rain is often horizontal, wind is probably the main problem - a real workout! Love cold frosty days though. Don't like it too warm whatever the season - get too hot and sweaty ;)!

  • Autumn for me. Perfect temperatures, gorgeous colours, rustling leaves, mysterious mists. Summer is my least favourite.

  • I think I prefer early or late summer best. I have really struggled with the runs this winter! I like to run late so it has been very cold and very icy quite often when I've gone out. Love your attitude to winter running though, you make it sound so much fun. :)

  • I didn't really run much in the summer last year because of injury, but as a fairskinned redhead who gets really hot running in the winter, I think it's safe to say my LEAST favourite running season is summer.

    I have enjoyed running in the winter - even though I always have to see to cleaning and drying the dogs before I can see to myself. I love walking in Autumn, but the leaves are really slippery underfoot when running, so I think Spring is going to be my favourite. Flowers in the grass, longer evenings and warmer weather without it being really hot.

  • For me, any time when the temperature is between 5C and 15C.

    That's my 'Goldilocks zone' for running. I really struggle when it's hot and there is direct sunshine.

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