Tips for returning to running post partum?

Hello lovely runners!

I completed c25k a couple of years ago and found I LOVE running - went on to run cross-country and fell-running up to half marathon distance (so those of you in the early weeks: keep it up, it's all really do-able if you just stick at it!). I then had to stop in order to gain weight to qualify for fertility treatment, so a year of no running followed by 9 months carrying a very big baby and still no running. (I did keep hillwalking throughout, and have a fairly active job where I'm on my feet all day).

Just wondered if any of you are starting/returning to running after having a baby, and whether you have any wisdom to share? I had a rough, pelvic-floor-annihilating delivery (10lb9oz back-to-back baby, forceps and extended episiotomy. NOT the most fun I've had with my knickers off!!?!?!), but 8 weeks on am pain free, healed, and after religious pelvic floor exercises am no longer weeing on the floor (yay!).

I'm starting Pilates this week (run by a physio and tailored for new mums) to sort my core. Do we reckon I can also start c25k again?

And sorry for the huuuuuge post! Finishers medals to anyone who's read this far!

Amy x


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14 Replies

  • Ive replied on other forum Tea 👍🏼

  • I've not got any advice, but congratulations on your baby girl .

  • Is it just me, but everytime i hear the words "Baby Girl" - i always say it in a Bubbler Ranx style, from Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl....

    Ps. Congratulations.

  • Yeah, it's just you Scott.

  • Thought as much!

  • Yup, 'fraid you're on your own. 😉

  • Thanks Martin ( though he's a boy!)

  • Whoops, sorry, I don't know why I thought he was a girl.

  • That's ok. Weirdly I was sure I was carrying a girl at the start of my pregnancy, but reality says otherwise!

  • If you think that is a huge post you obviously haven't seen any of mine :D

    I have no insight into your situation, except to say I recommend the Hungry Runner Girl blog. As she is a mother of almost 2 children, and a very good amateur runner, I'm sure there will be a lot of useful info amongst her posts.

    And congratulations!!!

  • Brill, thanks for the recommendation, I'll have a look.

  • Great to hear from you TF.

    Congratulations on the baby.

    Sorry, I have no personal experience of this, though it does make my eyes water.

    Good luck with the return to running.

  • Thanks m'dear (and sorry for the watery eyes).

    Is it bad that pretty much as soon as the scary bit was over and I was out of theatre with my baby safe in my arms, I thought "OK: I just did 14 hours of working my body past the point of failure on half an m&s egg sandwich, some gulps of tepid water, and one cup of tea. Knowing I can do that and not die is going to make me invincible when I'm fit enough to race again!"?

  • Definitely another life changer............just like starting to run.

    Take care.

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