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I should have ran instead!!

What a day.. was awake at the rediculous time of 6:15am .. hubby had made to much noise leaving for work.. lol..

Was happy to be thinking of my free day.. plan was to try next run on the bridge to 10k.. up black tea.. Sun was already shining..looking promising.. :)

Took myself into the garden..stretch.. waken up.. after 5 mins I had the feeling my knee was going to protest my plan..

I'm still rather weary after my time on IC:(

So decided on a swim instead.. it's a good half hour walk there .. session started at 11.. So had a few hours to kill..

Lentle spag ball was prepared..done before eight.. .. Hmmm is there time for a run?

No breakfast time.. shredded wheat banana, some frozen berries,

Ok radio on ..prepare some lunch for after my swim.. quinoa, cous cous salad.. with boiled new potatoes..and a naughty scoop of humous.. delicious..

Bag ready off I set.. two hors in the pool.. felt soo refreshing.. knee was still a bit nigly.. but I think better than pounding the path today. Sat on the now closed local library steps for my lunch..Sun was now glorious ::)

Walked back as far as my local shopping area.. needed red split lentles for my soup for the week... came home with lots of stuff and nonsence as you do :)

Chopping veg and making a pot of on no bloody stock cubes!! Grrr.. back into clothes off to asda.. ..ooft.. I should have ran instead!!

Think I may pour a vody!!

Where's our Pam?

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Two hours in the pool! That's practice for Shipwreck !!! 😂


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