Week 6 Run 2 done

After week 6 run 1 caught us by surprise in terms of difficulty, we slowed tonights right down and found it much more manageable. It flew by and we had a stunning sunset to watch on the way round. Did an hours pilates class at the physio beforehand so everything was well stretched out, and that made a huge difference - felt like I was running with someone elses hips lol. Roll on Friday and thats another week done. Hows everyone else doing?

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  • I also had a bad experience with week 6 run 1, good to hear I'm not alone. I'm due to do run 2 tonight and have found your words encouraging, I'll be taking it nice and steady to get my confidence back

  • Wk6 r2 was much better for me than r1 had been. Good luck with your next run, I am going to repeat r2 at Parkrun on Saturday as my next session, then on to r3 on Monday morning. I should be ready for 25 minutes by then.

    Slow and steady is the key :)

  • I havent picked up the courage to do a Parkrun yet but I did get as far as registering. Can you go and run/walk it as I couldnt manage to cover 5k in 25 minutes!

  • Absolutely, Aldlib . People do walk the whole thing and finish in up to an hour, or sprint off and finish in 15 minutes, and all sorts of speeds/modes in between. You just turn up and do it your way. You need to have registered and printed out your barcode to get your time. There is normally a tail runner at the very back so you will never come last ;) If you can walk 5k you can do Parkrun and I have found everyone I have told about me doing c25k has been very supportive. :)

    Enjoy your runs :)

  • Well done. Week 6 can be so tricky.

    That's the last of the walk breaks now so it's all about consolidation now!

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