Wk6 Day1

Well that's just ridic !!! How can this run be harder than the previous one .. that really meddles with your mind .. I was bloody exhausted .. AND my Bluetooth headphones ran out of charge after 10 minutes so I had to run listening to my own gasping exhalations AND I got launched at by a Boxer (dog) On the plus side, by the time I was on my cool down I realised that I would have covered 5k by the time I got back to the car .. so I ran a but more and covered 5K in a total of 37:11 .. and that included the compulsory 16 mins of walking .. so I have a bench mark as long as I don't ever run slower than I walk !!! Bring it on :)


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27 Replies

  • Oh dear, I'm planning on doing Wk6, Run 1 early tomorrow morning. So many people are saying that it's a difficult run, I'm not looking forward to it much!

    Well done on completing it though; one less run to get done!

  • Just look ahead...it is a week that can throw you...but, you will do it.Just think how far you have come...take it slow and steady....We are right there with you...I will be thinking of you as I run this morning...

    Go for it!!!

  • Thank you so much for your support!

  • You are very welcome... I got very warm this morning!!! Phew!

  • Thank you .. it's do able .. definitely, just take your time .. looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • Thank you for your support. I did it! What a great feeling it is!! That's 16 of 27 runs done - difficult to believe!

    Run 2 on Thursday? Do I dare look at what Laura has for me?

  • I haven't looked yet either !

  • Think we've got 10 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 10 minutes running. I'll let you go first!!

    Then for Wk6 Run3 we've got 25 minutes running.


  • Groan .. I'm running tomorrow .. whenever the dishwasher repairman had been ..

  • Haha! The curse of week 6.

    But you've done it and must be running fast if you've done that sort of distance.

    Onwards Rob!

  • Well done... And you have a great time there and it feels good to benchmark I think??

  • It's great to finally have a time goal :)

  • People think after week 5 that nothing can throw them, but intervals are a whole different ball game! Many people struggle with week 6, but you've done the worst! Well done - not far to go now!

  • After the euphoria of W5 R3 it brings you back down to Earth with a bump doesn't it. Don't worry, most of us have been through it.

  • AND....you DID it☺ This week is a pest! Catches everyone out...but we do it...! Go you...very well done.

    As Ullyrunner says...onward and upward🙂

  • Don't worry you're not alone in finding that run hard. A lot of us did. I found the other runs in W6 fine though. I think it is just going back to intervals.

  • I found it tough, RobD , when I did it yesterday. Made all sorts of excuses for myself, but it looks like it's just one of those really tough sessions. Still, we did it and survived and doubtless will smash the next one. And you got a good distance covered in the time, so well done :) .

  • Go steady Rob and then you won't get exhausted. It's not about how fast, and covering 5k distance, so rein it in and slow down or you'll hurt yourself

    That's the last thing you want!

    Week 6 is a git so take care ☺

  • A lot of people find that one a struggle after the euphoria of W5R3! I also think the walking intervals can get in the way a bit - I found it a lot easier to get into a rhythm when the longer runs started once the intervals were left behind. You're doing great, keep at it!

  • I'm worried now, I completed run 3 of week 5 onSaturday, felt great to run for 20 mins without stopping. I'm due to do run 1 from week 6 tonight, was thinking it would be really easy, not so sure now that I've read people's comments!

  • You'll be fine! Just approach the next run like you have every other one and it will be alright. I think it's complacency which causes people to trip up - I was in the same position as you and luckily I saw lots of people struggle with it before me so I went into it thinking it would be hard and it was fine. It's all about your expectation so make sure you know you'll need to work hard (like every run) and it'll be fine. :)

  • Well I managed to do it. It was difficult, still don't understand why though, I suspect having the walk after 5 minutes messes up the rhythm. I'll see him I manage with run 2 on Thursday

  • Well done !! :) Run 2 for me tomorrow, hoping for cooler weather

  • Well done!! Yes, I think you're right. I was so glad to leave the intervals behind! You got through it so you're doing brilliantly.

  • A tough run for most of us but you did it and covered a great distance too - well done 😀

  • just found your post and feel relieved that I felt almost the same as you - elated after Week 5 then plunging into despair, feeling as unfit as ever before because I found week 6 run 1 so hard! But I see you are a graduate now, so it didnt hold you back!

  • It was a surprise at the time - but no, graduated yesterday .. so all good in the end :)

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