Wk4 Day1 done

Woo hoo. I did it. I was so worried about it - five minutes seems an awful long time but I did it. And in the pouring rain. My work colleagues kept saying "surely you aren't going in this weather" but I had psyched myself up for running today so run today I did.

Sadly I was overtaken by a snail but hey, who cares how fast (or rather slow) I was - I did it. I ran for longer than I walked. Who'da thought it - its taken me 6 weeks to get to week 4 but 6 weeks ago I couldn't even manage the 60 second run.

I can't wait until Wednesday til I do it all over again.

I really think I need to go to the doctor to find out who this exercise mad person is that's possessed my body!!!!!!

5 Replies

  • How fab!!! Well done, you!!!

  • Good effort, keep it up.

  • Well done! And in the rain too...that's amazing! I've got my second run of week 4 in the morning, am hoping it's slightly easier than the first one which I found tough. Good luck for the rest of the week :)

  • Welcome to the madhouse Debih! Good for you for getting this run done at work and in the rain.

  • You get wet in the shower so why worry! Well done.

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