Done it!!! Felt tough but not as tough as R1, I think it was just hotter today and I forgot to have a drink when I woke up and I have my period etc etc.. But my kids and I did it and are feeling rather proud of ourselves...

My 12 yr old daughter does not find it easy, but is very determined but my sons who are 9 and 13 are still scampering ahead, making it look effortless!!

My sister VeganNelly should be mentioned in dispatches, as she is away trying to save the badgers from being shot, in Gloucestershire, but took her running shoes with her and did the same run this morning too!!


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5 Replies

  • Well done! Good to hear the update from my favorite Vegan sisters! 😊 Glad it went well. I did the same early this morning and I found it much rougher than Monday's run. That being said, I always find the middle one tougher?!? Good going, and I hope your sister is successful in her plight for the Badgers!

  • It's funny isn't it? Why we find different runs harder? My period def didn't add to my joys today but prob made me feel prouder for doing it afterwards... my sister and I were the least sporty pple ever at school - very small and weedy and sport at school could never be fun if you didn't excel as games teachers were so undermining and nasty... So we amaze ourselves every time we run that we are doing this!! And felt so proud when my sister texted to say she's just done her run!

    (Thanks... diminishing returns, but we still have to try and help)

  • Well done. Great to see your kids doing it also. Hope your Sister gets home safe.

    I don't want to tell a "When I were a lad" story. But anyway when I was at School we had to do Cross Country. A very long time ago about 45 years. If your kids do sports at School should help them and push you on.

    It is hard starting out the first 9 weeks were tougher than the 5K I do now regularly. Your Kids should find it easier.

  • It has been lovely that they do it with me, although that wasn't the plan!

    That is welcome news about the 9 weeks being tougher than maintaining that level - a friend told me about an event on World Vegan Day, which I am considering doing because it isn't until November and seems like a great one to have a go at given that my family and I are all vegan.

    But I'm just trying to establish what one lap of the course is...as have heard it described as being between 3.7 and 6 miles... which is quite big 'between' to my ears!!

  • Congratulations! Don't get disheartened by your sons, they have a good few years on you :-D Happy running :-)

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