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Funtime at the Beach

Went to the beach today, and decided spontaneously to go for a little run. Was onlt planning on 5k, but found myself so in the zone it turned into my first 10-miler for... well, ages, even before my accident.

Felt stronger and stronger as I went along and knocekd a min/km off my pace by the end.

Very pleased with that, as I had been worrying about getting my distances up for the looming marathon, and 10 miles is a, ahem, milestone.

Think my calves maybe sre tomrrow though.

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Wow, that is impressive Rig, Well done ! :-)

Only you can go out planning on doing a 5k then end up doing a 10 miler ha ha :-)

Youre a legend Rig ! :-D xxx


Did you "spontaneously" have your running kit on or do you take it with you every time you go to the beach?

Ever thought of doing an event of the coastal race series? May suit you even though it's not including obstacles....


Haha. Unless I have some kind of work appointment or similar, I tend to live in running kit. Realise this makes me sound even more obsessive.

I actually had a pair of old trainers of rather than my proper road shoes and hence have a small blister this morning under the ball of my right foot, but yes, running shorts and a t-shirt is my outfit of choice ost days. Although being on the beach I eschewed the t-shirt on this occasion,


That's great news. Good to hear you're doing so well and feeling stronger.


Well done Rignold.

Though the addiction to wearing running gear is worrying lol


ten miles is a bloody long way Rignold. Hats off to you old chap!

What accident?


Well done fella - although I now have this stuck in my head:


LOL That was in fact the reference. Well spotted.


Rockaway Beach??


Another fine choice. Chuck in California Sun and we're on our way to a Punk beach compilation. Maybe even squeeze Martha and the Muffins in there too.


Well done Rig!!!!

I was on the beach last week and did some sea walking to give my stupid leg a workout. It felt good while I was walking in the sea, and I could feel the resistance. I posted it on Garminconnect but forgot to start the watch until I was half way ! Doh.

I got deep enough into the water to give it a good workout. Surprisingly tiring! The sea was bloo*y freezing mind you, and there was a stiff breeze a blowing, so it felt decidedly chilly. Going soft since being benched.

It sounds like you're about right then. Good luck with the rest of your training. Ten miles! I forgot what that feels like.

It's easy for your eating to go to pot when you're on the bench. I was on holiday last week so ate some stuff I've not eaten for yonks. I can feel it so it's got to go. Back on track this week


Well done Rignold. I hope your foam roller came with you to the beach........

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