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I did it!

Well, who'd have thought it? Eight weeks ago I couldn't run for the bus. This morning I ran for 32 minutes - 4.1k. Slow, I know, but I did it (and as someone else said on here, I'm faster than all those that didn't get off the sofa this morning). I kind of gave up on Laura's podcasts when I got to 25 minutes (mainly because the weather has warmed up so I don't have a pocket) so I've done a few 25 minute runs before this one today. My goal for now is my local 5k park run which my husband and step kids do each week.

So - for all those out there who are doubting themselves, keep strong. You can DEFINITELY do it! I did! I have hated and loved it in equal measures. Today was difficult in the middle and going up the hilly bit near the end almost finished me off, but at some points I really loved it! And the sense of achievement is brilliant!

Thanks also to everyone posting encouragement on this forum. I have never posted before but read some of these posts and they really spur me on! I'm sure there are others reading and not posting who are equally encouraged

Now I just have to keep this going and lose some weight!

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Well done - that's brilliant!


Great! And mind you, this is not slow! (I would like to stress this fact, because I am a bit slower ;-) ). Keep up the good work.

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Great job!


Well done! Keep going.



Time is not important, what is is that you ate out there doing it, and we are impressed and proud of you.


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