NO Motivation to run

Hello all I have found this forum very helpful. I completed the C25K program on 23/8/16 and I was motivated all through and was able to complete it in exactly 9weeks as I felt I had a goal to work towards. But now that I have graduated I find it hard to go out and run I have only managed two 35mins run since then now when ever I go out I am discouraged before i am even half way through.

Does anyone know how i can keep the fire of running burning?



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  • It's very difficult once you graduate to know which direction to take! I'm just taking Laura out with the original podcasts. Have you tried any of the C25K+ podcasts? There are 3. Stepping Stones, Stamina & Speed. They just take you onward from graduation... You can find them here:

  • Thanks McFitty yes I think what I need is a direction of what to do next I work well when I have a goal .I will check out the C25K+ podcasts .


  • I know exactly where you're coming from. I've struggled to get motivated since graduating. :)

  • Is there a parkrun near you ? I find that a great weekly motivator. you've done so well to graduate, don't let it go to waste.

  • I feel like that also, I'm going to start the bridge to 10k programme today. It's not necessarily that I want to run 10k but like you I've kind of been feeling a bit lost when it comes to running more.

  • I only graduated yesterday so I have no advice post grad as I am only 24 hours in😂However I did sign up to a charity run during September where I have been sponsored to run a marathon distance over 30 days as I just knew I would lose the motivation and am now looking forward to the next step do I know how you are feeling...Park runs sound good too....

  • I have to admit my motivation to keep going was - and still is - a constant slight panic that I might (a) lose the level of fitness I've reached and even (b) somehow forget how to run altogether. Only one of those is actually likely of course.

    I like a rest day but if I have two together I feel bad, which is funny because I had fifty whole years of rest before starting this and never felt bad...

    Parkruns are great if you can find one near you.

  • Yes, I felt that after, but just kept thinking of what I was like before running, how it makes me feel now and the good it does me, is enough for me to keep me going. I also do Parkrun's and joined a running group, so can also run with them on Sundays, and sometimes during the week. Have you got a local running group or club you could go with?😊

  • I too would recommend a park run. I was upset a couple of weeks ago because golf clashed with it and I couldn't go. If you'd have said that to me a couple of months ago I'd have laughed at you.

  • First of all, congratulations on graduating. I know exactly what you mean about finding the motivation. What I did after graduating was to aim to do a 10K on my own building the distance up gradually on each run. The feeling the first time I achieved that was just brilliant. I also downloaded some great music to run to and that seems to keep my mind occupied. I get easily bored doing the same route, so I drive a couple or so miles and find a new route each week and that does help. Also I have joined our local Park Run and you soon find other runners to chat to and they are so supportive. In fact last Saturday someone told me about a club of lady runners that run together on a Monday evening, so I am going to give that a go this evening. Just look how far you have come, it would be such a shame to pack it in now. You make sure you keep the 'fire of running burning'. Best Wishes.

  • Yeah, parkrun is a great motivator and a wonderful event, wherever it is in the world.

    Try running somewhere different, somewhere beautiful, like moors, cliff paths or forests or even beaches. Trudging round urban roads has never appealed to me.

    Think back to why you started C25k in the first place. The health gains are enough to keep me running.

    Sign up for a 5k race and train up for it.

  • Thanks everyone I did go out today and was able to push my self to complete the 30mins run . There is a parkrun close to me I will try to join on Saturday hopefully looking forward to running with people every weekend will help.

  • I graduated a few weeks ago too and know the "lost" feeling! I decided to build myself up to 5k ( I wasn't even at 4K at graduation). I have now run 5k five times- four of them in my holiday in France, in the heat! I am quite happy with that and just want to sustain my running - I try and run alternate days but sometimes have a two day break. So far so good...

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