Running with a hangover - not a good idea!

Running with a hangover - not a good idea!

I suppose it's not really a surprise but my run today after some spontaneous drinking at a street festival last night was not a fantastic success😰 It started with me getting up too late. The temperatures were already in the mid-20s, it was muggy and the slight headache lurking round my temples told me running was not a good idea. I found myself longing for rain (terrible isn't it!) and kept looking at the thermometer. At about 4 pm my husband basically told me to go out and run, as I was obviously far too restless. "It's quite windy" he claimed "that'll cool you down". It was still 24C, but I let myself be persuaded. No, the wind did not cool me down. It was clear at about 3k that I wasn't really going to be doing great things today. I ran/walked a bit more to about 5k and then conceded, switched off runkeeper, slowed to a walk and thought "oh, well, walking is good exercise aswell, at least I'm getting out!". Walking back through the trails and fields I took a few pictures of my route. And after about 9k of running and walking I returned to a somewhat nervous hubby. "I was just going to send out a search-party" he said, so obviously I do run faster than I walk!

Lessons learned: drinking the night before a run is not good. And 24C is still too warm for a decent run (for me anyway). But any exercise is better than none!

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  • That's great Jaysee , Well done !

    Running in the heat with an hangover too, that's a toughie :-) xxx

  • Never mind - mental note for next time! Nice pictures though - my kind of terrain that!

  • Lovely pictures and I am secretly looking forward to the weather cooling down.... 24C is too uncomfortable for me to run in too!

  • Well done for even trying - I would have gone for a lie down.

  • I don't think I would even have got up!

    9k of running and walking. In the heat. With a hangover. That is some serious dedication JaySeeSkinny. Hats off to you 👍

  • We're you as think as you drunk you were? Lol! I remember those bad old days, where I'd wake up in the morning and not only not know where I was but who I was. Happily, I finally got sense and realised I was better off with Tonic and no gin in the end :)

  • It really doesn't happen that often and I wasn't absolutely legless, but pretty tipsy. I can't take it as I used to though and it ruins the next day (as I found out, again!). Just a pity that the opportunity for a long run was wasted.

  • A night out now and then is part of the fun in life, and it sounds like you can enjoy a night without police, awkward questions from Coroner's and the search for wherever it is you lost your plastic Flamingo 😉

  • Depends on how much you have..but when I have alchohol, and know I'm running, I drink plenty of water before and after, flush it through, and have no problem the next day..

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