Couch to 5K

Week 9 r1

Finished week 9 first run I really struggled last week so didn't know how I'd find it adding on the extra 2 minutes but I did it and finally got my 4K running distance ran 4.3km so I'm slow but just so happy I could do it feeling more confident about being a regular runner!!! I'm wanting to win up to 10k run in November but I don't know if that will be too soon to double my distance! Any advice from people who now run 10k?

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10k in November could be doable. You'll have to stick at it and increase the length of your runs every week (by no more than 10%). Make sure you don't get an injury. I managed 10k about 6 weeks after graduation, although it was a bit early and I hurt my shins in the process. Took a few days rest, went back to shorter runs and built up again - this time more slowly. Now my longer runs are anything between 7 and 10k.

Good luck and happy running!

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Fantastic, well done, and that is definately doable, increase your long run by 10% a week and you will get there... Nice and slow though 😎


The finishing post is in sight - glad you had a better run today.


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