Couch to 5K

Ran for 30 mins......really really happy!

Yesterday I invited my 29 yr old son along for my morning run. I wanted to run along the river but like to run early, its a bit remote so solution is is take my super fit 6ft2 boy for company😃 .

It was great. Carried on running for 30 mins non stop, ran 3.5k. I felt good and still had fuel in the tank but I'm mindful not to increase distance too quickly. Even managed to chat a bit along the way!

So, my 5 mins warm up/down walks each cover 1/2k......I added a further 5 mins walk at pace and suddenly I'd covered 5k. Blooming marvellous. When Laura said "you are a runner now" I actually thought, yes maybe I am.

Then this morning the scales told me I have now lost 1/2stone since getting back to running.........result!

Graduation here I come👍🏼

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Ha ha! (said in an Alan Partridge kinda way) Great stuff! Sounds a perfect run that does. How nice to have your son along for company. I wish mine would get off his ass and join me. He says if he does cardio his biceps will shrink. Kids ey!

Half a stone gone as well. That's a bonus. If you keep running you will get smaller. Mind you as you go further and longer fuel becomes really important as you can be in calorie deficit if you're not careful. You can cross that bridge when you come to it. For now your focus is on Graduation Day. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait, can you!


Hi miss wobble. Yes cant wait for graduation!

I have adjusted my diet to a 'healthy eating' approach which, with moving more seems to be working, i still have a lot more weight to shift Im afraid.

Running further than a full 5k is well beyond my dreams at the mo, but never say never 😀


You'll do it. You just have to be aware that it takes time. Doing both the healthy eating and the running is best done with a long term view in mind as this has to be sustainable

You will do 5k, don't worry about that. It's easily within reach but it just takes time. 9 weeks or so will do it, which is no time at all in the scheme of things.

Have fun!

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