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Can't Believe I Ran for 20 Mins Straight!!

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Wow today was definitely a huge moment for me - W5R3. I was so nervous about this one, found all of week 5 tough so it did make me wonder how I'd do it but I did! I actually got a bit emotional at the end too! Now I know that if I can run 20 mins straight after being so scared, I can do anything! Woo!

EDIT: Thought I would add a photo from my run today - it was a beautiful morning to be up and out at 7am!

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Great feeling isn't it. Congratulations.

30 minutes here you come

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RuthPGraduate in reply to Nerdio

Thank you!!

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Brilliant, well done. I need to do W5 R2 this morning and am very apprehensive.Can't imagine myself running for 20 minutes without stopping. I've never done that in my life....

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RuthPGraduate in reply to Iwant2run

If it helps I have been apprehensive about all the week 5 runs, found them all tough but completed them. Have faith, you can do it!

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Iwant2runGraduate in reply to RuthP

Thank you so much! I am just back, and completed it! It's true what Laura says, this week is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. All the online encouragement is great too.

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RuthPGraduate in reply to Iwant2run

Well done!!

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Wel done! I remember running 20 mins and feeling exactly the same, you get a sense of achievement. My dad recently ran 20 mins too and even though he doesn't share a lot I could tell he was happy!

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RuthPGraduate in reply to Aftabs

Thank you! That's great that your dad is doing the running too!

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Well done, RuthP, and what a fab place to run in as well. Good luck with week 6!

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Well done with all the 20 minute runs, I've been there too, including the nerves beforehand! The good news is I think that one is the biggest mental hurdle to overcome. Today I did my first 30 min run (beginning wk 9) and it was fine. Not pleasurable, for most of the time, but not agony either. Just plodding, but getting better every time L

aura told me how much time had elapsed. The first 5 mins felt like 20, but then after that it got better, and the last minute i probably could have sprinted, except I had gone into a tiny cul-de-sac of bungalows & it would have looked very odd, like I was a house-breaker or something...;-)

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RuthPGraduate in reply to annasee

Congrats on your 30 minute run! Finally I'm starting to believe I can do it too :) Weird but I agree with what you say about the first 5 minutes, so tough!

What a fantastic achievement :-), it is the first major achievement (other than getting out there at W1R1) many more magical achievements to come. Enjoy the smiling you earn't it :D

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Wow - so many people completing this run lately. I've just come in from Week 5 run 2, I so so hope I can join in everyone's celebrations on Sun! Well done all :-) x

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walettaGraduate in reply to sarah-b

You've just done R1 & R2. I can't see anything stopping you now. Laura has trained you up for this moment so good luck for Sunday but I doubt that luck will come into it. :) x

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RuthPGraduate in reply to sarah-b

If you can do run 1 and run 2, you can definitely do run 3! Good luck on Sunday :)

I did W5R3 this morning too. I got so wet and I didn't care, and my legs were burning but I was smiling. I still can't quite believe it so I know what you're saying and a big well done to you too.

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