Confession. Before reporting on my Quest. Recount on my claim to 5K under 30 minutes , only 33. Lake has shrunk ! So has my "Big head"

Before I start my Quest I found a website called RunJogWalk. After tracing my route around Perry Lake found that it is 740 metres not 800 metres. so my best run is doing 7 laps which is 5,180 metres in 35 minutes. So my best is about 33 minutes for 5K.

Anyway nearly there ! Thought my head was getting to big ! Ego now dented !

Run today bit tough only doing 2 days running this week due to life issues. Last lap of lake was mind over matter. Being stubborn helps. Still managed 7 laps plus about 100 metres in 35 minutes. Don't think the extra day break helps for me. Next run Sunday. Should be back to normal next week.

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  • Don't knock yourself. 33 mins is great. There is obviously massive appeal in the idea of the sub 30 mins 5K and to be honest I would be thrilled to bits to ever get there. But, really, what real impact on fitness lies in a three min margin?๐Ÿ˜š

  • Still a great time Joe - better than I have ever managed!

  • After almost 3 years, I have only ever broken that 30 minute/5K "barrier" once - and have now broken the 1hour 10 min /10K and the 2hour 30/HM barriers also once :) - all over "official" race distances

    But - that is IT!!!! I now am running largely to a heart rate monitor - my main aim now is to do runs within certain HR zones for a certain time. - and, if I ever do any more "races" , I will be concentrating on the fun part of funrun!! :)

  • Sounds like a brilliant time to me. I will be cartwheeling if I achieve that speed - well cartwheeling in my mind ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks for comments.

    just wanted to find out exactly how far I was running without going to expense of getting a new watch or Gizmo.

    As you say aim is fitness and health. Aim is to do a bit more time and distance and not worry about speed. That may increase over time.

    For myself like to have a realistic measure of how I'm doing. I think I do have an obsession with maps. I always like to know how far and long have travelled to places. Drives my wife mad !

    On holidays with Kids always saying x miles and x time to go. Trying to stop them saying "Are we there yet"

    I just had to find out exactly what the perimeter of that lake was.

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