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A really tough time for my slinky!

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Not good news really, I'm getting really anxious about her condition.Best way I will try and combat it will be to run it off!

She saw the surgeon yesterday and he showed us the CT scan image, what we were first told that the inflamed thyroid nodule the size of a satsuma, well we fell through the floor! Looking at the image it's about the size of a grapefruit! A goiter, probably growing unknown for many years, and instead of it growing out from the neck has grown downwards, so I leave it to your imaginations how it has to come out! I don't want to go into the explanation of this, but I think you may have an idea, so it makes the removal harder and she has to have it done in the coming months as it pushing over the windpipe and told it would start to affect her breathing. Luckily she is fit and will keep up her walking & dancercise for now, remains upbeat and tough, as she said to me, oh well! I've already had one grapefruit removed on a hysterectomy so may as well make it a pair!πŸ˜‚

It's probably a benign tumour, just so strange how some people keep getting these things growing inside. Anyway the prognosis looks good, just will take time for her to recover afterπŸ˜–

Peeps! Keep an eye on your neck area where the thyroid gland is, and feel for any swelling there, if so, then see your doc sharpish!

17 Replies

Hi dave,

Poor slinky. Hope all goes well with the surgery and she is back to normal soon. Big hug to you both. X

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I'm really sorry to hear this. Please pass on my thoughts and well wishes to Slinky.

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Wow! So sorry Slinky has to go through this - so unexpected. But thank goodness it's been picked up and will be treated now.

Give her our love and a big hug. xx

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davelinksGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

C25k helped to pick it up..

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Oooh Dave, that mustve been a shock for you both !

Glad its been caught and she can get it removed . Prognosis sounds very good too , she will be back out there once she's recovered no doubt .

Please give her all our love and best wishes xxx

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Gosh, I can imagine that being a shock but it is amazing how adept our surgeons are today at putting these things right. I am glad she can have the surgery soon and start to move on with things again. Best wishes and thoughts with both of you.

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davelinksGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

The surgeon's are great! I asked him how many are removed, he said they are fairly common, having to remove about 1 a month...

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My best wishes to you both, thank goodness it is something they can fix. Hope all goes well

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My mum had a lump taken out of her neck/throat. It looked like she had an Adam's apple. She never had any problems at all afterwards I hope Slinky won't either 😊

She's fit and looks after herself, which is good and will speed up her recovery. We'-ll be routing for her Dave ☺

Definitely my very warmest wishes to her for a speedy recovery. And these things are hard on partners and famiky too, so you take care!

Sorry to hear that but at least the prognosis is good. Hope all goes well and you are both out running together soon.

give my best to slinky, hope she makes a quick recovery. Good that they are getting it sorted out quickly :)

All the best to you both - glad you have a surgeon you can trust in. Here's to a quick recovery.

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Goodness Dave, poor Slinky. Really hope the surgery isn't too traumatic for her and that it all turns out to be benign in the end. She sounds like quite a lady with her 'can do' attitude.. Take good care of her, and yourself too, at this scary time for you both. xx

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Good that the journey back to health is underway for Slinky and that you are there for support. Warmest wishes to you both.πŸ’

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She sounds as well placed as it is possible to be for a good recovery - positive but not silly positive attitude, a level of physical fitness too... and you have a strategy in place to deal with your own very understandable anxieties.

Keep us updated eh? We'll be thinking of you both.

Best wishes to her - hope the wait isn't too long and the recovery is speedy.

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