Running has shown up a medical problem with slinkylinky

It appears that Sue my wife has a problem with an inflamed thyroid gland, which only came to light as she finished & graduated from c25k. She got over a cold & chest infection some weeks beforehand, but then a cough returned as she would start to run, and messed up a number of Parkrun's and running in general.

She's OK on fast walking or her dancercise class, just when starting to run, presume because under more exersion. So, went to our doctor who found a swelling in her neck, which she knew nothing about, anyway a scan and specialist (endocrinologist) check has confirmed an inflamed thyroid, which he says is about the size of a satsuma and could have been growing for about 30 years!

Anyway it's pushing over her windpipe, but wether that's the cause of her coughing he's not sure yet that the coughing isn't down to a running induced type of asthma that's come on. He ensured her that the thyroid condition is very common and that the chances of it being anything sinister are very low, so the tests are ongoing. Of course we've been very concerned about this, but feeling better after seeing the specialist this morning, but she's so dissapointed about not running, we are getting out doing some good walking instead, so at the moment I'm a lone runner again!πŸ˜”


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  • I'm so sorry to hear that - but thank goodness it has been picked up. Hopefully another unlooked for benefit from the running.

    Take care both of you. xx

  • I am so sorry to hear this. But look on the bright side - it has been diagnosed and your lady can get out and do things and isn't bed bound :-) My boyfriend's sister had the same diagnosis last year and she is very sporty - she was gutted. It was removed and a few weeks later she was out and about doing her running, cycling and swimming again.

    All the best to you both x

  • Sorry to hear about that Dave. I hope all will be ok for your wife. I am sure she will soon get back to her running and will be chasing after you again!πŸ˜‰

  • So sorry to hear your news, it always feel more manageable after a talk with a professional I think. I was the same, running highlighted a thyroid toxic adenoma, sounds worse than it was but it was basically a lump in my thyroid acting like an extra thyroid, if it's any consolation to slinky when my thyroid has played up I have got a lots of comfort from speed walking and my thyroid was happy with that. Wishing you both a speedy recovery and resolution. RFCx.

  • Hope all will be sorted for Slinkylinky soon. Enjoy the walks and hope she is running again soon.

  • really sorry to hear that :( sending positive thoughts your way. hope she can get running soon!!

  • Sorry to hear that. She'll be back running soon as she is well enough. How about cycling? Not sure if it may be a little easier for her. Big hugs both xx

  • Tried to teach her to ride a bike many years ago, but all she did was giggle, and couldn't get the hang of it, so gave up with that! I cycle though...😊

  • Thinking of you xx

  • Oh no, how horrible for both of you! I totally understand, not running is miserable. :( Thank goodness it's unlikely to be nothing too nasty though. Fingers crossed it's all sorted out quickly and you can get back to running together soon!

  • Sorry you have had an anxious time, sounds positive - which is easy for me to say of course. Will be good to get it sorted and hopefully Slinky will be back out there soon.

  • Ah that mustve been worrying xxx

    Good that it has been picked up though and the outcome looks positive !

    Lets hope it wont be long until youre both back running together , in the meantime , you can enjoy your walks together :-) xxx

  • Sorry to hear this Dave, her running had been going great. Hope it can be sorted soon and slinky is able to get back into her running.

  • Hi there. I also have been recently diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid with multiple benign nodules and cysts. Although it is not pressing on anything (at the moment) it has definitely affected my running. I've gone from running 10K last year to barely managing 3K. So I am run/walking again and trying to build myself back up. My doctor is not concerned about it but will be scanning me every so often to check on the size. I hope your lady wife gets sorted soon XXX

  • Oh no, poor slinky, send her get well vibes please and remind her that a walk can be just as effective as a run!

  • Sorry to hear that but I'm glad it's been picked up so it can be dealt with, hopefully quite soon. All the best to her and happy walking!

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