PW and PB at a family affair- Chelmsford Parkrun!

Yesterday I managed to do a pw (personal worst) at my 10th Parkrun (8th at Chelmsford); coming in at 51.07; however in my opinion it is also a pb as this was a true family affair for the reasons below:

I was pushing my Grandson in his cycling buggy (he's just 4 but very tall so too big for his proper rough terrain toddler buggy) and speed walking alongside my younger daughter who was on her NHS c25k w9 r3 graduation run. She ran almost all the way, and was almost 10 minutes inside the 1 hour goal she had set herself; as she is at least 8 stones over her 'ideal' bodyweight she did fantastically well. I was so happy to see her pleased with her achievements, as she has had a hard time with depression and PTSD and has struggled with her body image for a long time- to see her out in such a public arena pushing herself to her absolute limits to get to the end was brilliant; and I was pleased to see a glimpse of her pride in herself afterwards as she finds it hard to accept she is doing something well... :-) :-)

She only decided to enter after watching her hubby run his first Parkrun last week; today he was just 3 seconds outside his time of last week; but he was proud to tell a local shop worker who asked how he is losing so much weight earlier this week that it was down to c25k! He also has body image issues from childhood and has struggled with depression and grief since his Dad died earlier this year; but again the running is helping him focus on achieving goals and being positive for the future. :-)

My eldest daughter, who is about 6 weeks post graduation on c25k, also ran, and took over 3 minutes off her pb to beat mine by 3 seconds GRRRRR!!!! :-( I am now hunting through my diary to find suitable shifts so I can get out there practising and park running to get ahead of her again! I will not be beaten by my age just yet (please!) :-(

Still, I was SO VERY proud of them all; I just had to tell all the volunteers at the finishing tent! :-)

I am so happy that it is all down to my starting C25K last October; completing it and then carrying on with the support of this site and you lovely people; making me fitter, happier and healthier than I have been for about 18 years. :-)

(Oh and 2lbs off this week makes 3 1/2 stone - 49lbs!!!!! Yay! :-) ;-) :-)

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19 Replies

  • Wow amazing blog! Well done to all of you for so many reasons. You should be very proud. I have loved this journey and hope to keep it going as a part of my fitter lifestyle. Congratulations to you all:o))

  • Thank you! Keep posting and running and we can all stay fit together! :-)

  • Fantastic!

  • Thanks! :-)

  • What amazing results from your determination to begin and graduate c25k. Well done all of you. I am so very impressed.

  • Thanks! I have just found the whole thing so worthwhile and inspiring; now I try and spread the word to anyone who will listen! :-)

  • Poppy2010. What a lovely blog to read. Your whole family are an inspiration and I am sure they took their lead from you. I find it so amazing what this little plan can do for people and the changes it can make. Good luck to your whole family for their future running and pb's.

  • Thanks! We all ran at various times before dinner tonight (in shifts so grandson could be ready for bed early); I ran with eldest doing Stamina with Laura again; she kept up very well but I could have pushed her a bit more. I think to get ahead again on a Parkrun I will have to push ahead of her for 4.5k then hope she doesn't sprint past me at the end (her young legs versus my old ones!) ;-)

  • I had my first parkrun yesterday and also took 51 mins but there were quite a lot of enormous hills and I have a cold so I'm fairly happy. I beat the octogenarian. ;)

    My dad said I looked more comfortable than a few people a little ahead of me. (Glad as I've been training and running post 5k since mid august).

  • Well done! Running with a cold is pants, but I quite like hills now! Parkrun is another great thing along with C25K; I love them both and tell people all the time! My daughter looked pooped at the end but thankfully the only photos on the site were from behind so she has her dignity still (unlike me on my first, who did an aeroplane through the finish not realising they take photos!)

  • Amazing how you did the park run pushing a buggy! I did the Chelmsford Park Run in August when visiting my son (I live in S.Wales) and was beat by this ultra fit guy pushing a buggy so that didn't help!!!

    Park runs are great because like this site there is true camaraderie.

    Great story, well done!

  • Thank you! I am in awe of the really quick people (with and without buggies!) I'm looking forward to trying out different parkruns next year when I am able to visit different places (shift work allowing) & hope to keep improving on my pb! :-)

  • Well done to you and to your family Poppy2010, great jobs! Goodlcuk to you for your future runs!!!

  • Thank you! Just need to get my son going to his local one ( he came with me on my first but lives 75 miles away so I can't drag him out of bed too often!)

  • Well done I think that park runs are a perfect follow on from c25k and I love the fact that all the family and pets can Join in

  • Just need Grandson to get old enough to run himself (I have seen one Dad 'encouraging' his youngster to scoot round but he was getting frustrated when the child wanted to go off his own way!) & can't take our family dog as she's not the most sociable animal unless she is chasing her ball and I don't think ball chucking whilst running is a very happy mix!

  • Wonderful post & it was so heart warming. It's put a big smile on my face despite the pile of ironing that I've just taken a break from. Well done to you all. Sounds like a really marvellous day.

  • Thank you! It was a special day, the first of many I hope! I limit my ironing to uniform done in a rush the night before I go back to work (spend my days off at my daughters; spend the rest of my life in jeans and running gear now! No ironing for them!

  • Hmmm - now there's an idea. :)

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