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STILL my back is a problem

Hi all. I'm really, really fed up with my back now. I've been to two different Osteopath"s and neither can manipulate a certain area in my back and it's still causing me a lot of problems. I've been given some exercises to do to try and loosen the area but I've been told basically to only do these and do nothing else until my back feels right.

I'd gotten myself into a "happy place" where running was concerned and was looking forward to Race for Life and more - but, as the phrase goes, "it's all gone tits up" (sorry if that offends anyone).

Anyway I'm on holiday for a week from tomorrow and there will probably be a lot of walking (which hurts to do too!!) so it may be a kill or cure scenario. Depending on how that goes I may try a light jog on my return home.

My rant is now over - thanks to anyone who cares to read it and please keep your fingers crossed for me. With luck my next post will be a happy one.

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Oh dear! I really do empathise...and really not sure how to advise?

I know when I broke my ribs last year, it was the, not being able to run, that annoyed me most...( especially since I fell, before heading out, that morning!)

After the initial pain, I started using my elliptical trainer, no resistance or incline and it was really just to stop me from stiffening up!! I watched virtual runs on you tube whilst exercising ..until I headed out again. Mind, daughter had her baby the weekend before i fell, so I did have to pretend it didn't hurt!!!

Not sure, if you could do something on a trainer? Maybe your osteopath could advise you?It is worrying that the walking hurts too...is there anyone on the linked Walking for Health site who has maybe had experience of this? You do need to be careful ...

Enjoy your holiday and as ever take it slow and steady...keep us posted too, please :)


Thanks for your reply. My GP has said she would refer me for physio if I had no joy with the Osteopath so that may well be my next direction, maybe ultrasound would help.

Thanks again


I'm really sorry your going through it. I used to get bad backs and it was sports massage and lots of stretches and strengthening exercises that got me back on my feet. It might feel like these exercises don't amount to much but you will be surprised on how much they are a part of your recovery. Have a great holiday and possibly doing your stretches at the end of the day it might help your back.

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Thanks. I will continue with the exercises and hopefully a relaxing holiday will also help.


Yoga and Pilates are good for backs and for runner's backs. Gentle stretches while keeping mobile is the thing. Walking is good but not too much. You can take lots of breaks to sit down

Are you at a healthy weight? If not, take steps to lighten the load

Also, treadmill is more relentless than running off road, or even on the road. You use your feet and legs more equally than slamming down at the same pace a machine.

I hope you can get put to right soon and get back on it 🙂

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Sorry to hear your back is causing you such trouble, I know from experience that the frustration can be almost as bad as the pain! Any chance you can swim as keeping mobile will definitely speed recovery (though dressing can be painful)? Also if running exacerbates the pain have you had your feet/stance checked by a podiatrist? My husband has always run and loves running despite a bad back but it wasn't until he was in his 40's a Physio seeing he had flat feet sent him to a podiatrist who made orthotic insoles curing all his back pain!! He's such a convert that he recounts this if anyone even mentions the word 'back pain!!' Good luck, do your exercises and have a fab holiday....hope you'll be running again soon.


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