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Week 6 R2 ugh


Wow what a hard run/shuffle this was this morning. At times I had to check if i was even moving my feet. I felt so out of it. Temperatures were 72degrees and tropical humidity. They were calling for rain so I woke a bit earlier at 4:30am, had my coffee, and out the door by 5:15am. Not a moment of this run was easy. I struggled from the very beginning. My legs felt like bricks. I just wanted it to end. Thankfully I completed the workout but I wouldn't really call it a success. Mentally I didn't feel strong. I've heard people refer to a 'runners high' well I would say I had a 'runners low'. Kinda concerned about the next long run approaching. Just praying these temperatures cool and humidity drops.

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Well done on completing it, don't let this one effect the next one as they really are all very different. Sometimes my legs feel so heavy and I know I would be faster walking but you kept going and that is brilliant. Enjoy the feeling of your achievements so far :)

SillyLillyGraduate in reply to BigGirlJogging

Thank you. ;) Just curious because i haven't listen to the laura's podcast for the next run..is it 22min straight or 25min?? I have been reading people say 25min but the online layout says 22min. I just want to mentally prepare and plan a route.


Hi SillyLilly. Well done on the run this morning, if this was a tough run chances are the next will be a good one. Stay proud of what you have already done, especially over-coming the tough runs!

I am doing w6 3 on Friday. On-line I have read it's a 25minute run.

We can and will both do it!

I will think of you and will be shouting us both on. Put the gremlins back in their box and tie the lid down!

I look forward to reading your next update.

SillyLillyGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

I'll think of you as well and be with you in spirit. :) Have a great run!

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