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Feeling a bit demotivated tonight though I really don't know why!

I set off on my run after work as usual. I'd been dying to get back out and spent my rest day yesterday getting really jealous of all the runners out and about!

Anyway, I hadn't thought too much about W5R3, tried to be realistic about it and just take it as it came. However I must admit when Laura was doing her pre-run speech, I actually felt butterflies in my stomach!

The first 10 minutes were ok; I enjoyed the first 6-7 and felt I was settling in well. Somehow I knew Laura was going to provide some encouragement at the 10th minute and I wish she'd held off until the 11th or 12th so it would've been more than half way!

Whether it was psychological or not, the next 3 minutes or so were difficult. I had to really watch my step as I was barely lifting my feet off the ground and was scared of tripping. 13-15 minutes felt good again.

But then the last 5 minutes hit. It. Was. Tough. I really struggled through. My hips hurt, my ribs hurt and I adopted the most ungainly and rather alarming posture whereby I was slumped over as if reading something I'd written on my shins! When I tried to straighten up, I emitted a small wail as if I was about to start crying!

Then came the phlegm. I could feel it all getting stuck in my throat and couldn't swallow it down again, which made me panic, so I had to spit it out on the footpath which is such a bug bear of mine! Once the phlegm was cleared, I swallowed a fly, which had me coughing and spluttering for another 30 seconds.

You'd think all this would have distracted me from the running, but no, I felt every step. I tried to zone out as I have done successfully on other runs but it just wasn't happening.

Eventually, 20 minutes was done. I expected to feel so elated and for the post-run endorphins to kick in but again, it wasn't to be. I didn't expect to feel so deflated and it worries me. I actually felt much much more excited running the 2x8 minute stints in W5R2.

I hate being so negative, so i'll try to end with some positives:

*Even though I didn't enjoy it or feel excited, I still ran for 20 minutes. Fact.

*I recovered a lot quicker.

*My post-run face is now a vibrant pink colour rather than beetroot.

*I have ran 15 times in the last 5 weeks which is more than I ever have in my 28 years of being.

Onwards and upwards....hopefully. :)

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im glad you ended on a positive note. You have a lot to be proud of. You ran for 20 minutes solid well done for that. enjoy the glory. As laura says this is whare the programme steps things up a bit. As for the flys, i have had a few. I inhaled one this evening, through my nostril! I nearly fell over a garden wall. Dont worry about the spitting, breathing is more important.An think on you have completed more of the programme that have left to complete. two thirds done and only one third left. Dont give up now


Thanks ShaneM - I think I was just having one of those days where I needed to hear it from someone else to believe I'd done ok. The flies are a nightmare! At least the autumn and winter will mean there are fewer of them!


there were so many things that you said rang true with me. I felt miserable when I first started the programme, which upset me as I thought I would feel on top of the world. I can't say that i've ever felt excited about doing any of the runs. I'm doing W5 R3 tomorrow so I'll be thinking of you! Anyway, well done! Like you said ShaneM, you've ended on a positive. We're supporting each other!


Hi Rosie2607, how did your W5R3 go? I've given myself a good talking to and going to be back with a vengence for the start of week 6 tomorrow. It's really nice knowing there are people on similar stages of the programme and as you say, all supporting one another!


hi, i stopped 3 times in the 20 minutes but it will have only totalled 2 minutes so i'm really chuffed. we'll keep it up :)


Oh boy! Do I relate to you! I ran the 5 r 3 on Sunday, and I had quite a similar experience. Firstly, I decided to run in the afternoon due to a family function in the morning, where I was otherwise use to running in the early morning. Secondly, I chose a different park to run in, which held some terrain problems of its own, plus there was a sign at the beginning of the path that warned of bear sightings in the area and a caution to walk in groups for safety. There I was, staring at my iTouch, listening to Laura introduce the next run, and hoping the bears were busy elsewhere! But the worst thing that day was that just 5 min into the run, my running shoe decided to blow out! Well, not really' blow' out, but my heel somehow wore a hole in the cushy lining in the back of the shoe, causing a rough lump which was wearing a hole in my poor skin. A big squishy blister came up in seconds! I couldn't believe that these were the very same running shoes that I had used to get this far, with NO problem...there was just no warning this would happen. I couldn't carry on as is because every step was so painful, and I didn't want to quit after just five minutes, so I decided to stop the podcast and try and figure out a solution. I decided I would take out the insole from the 'blown' runner and stuff the cushiest part (the toe part) into my sock over the blister. It worked! The only problem was that the heel portion of the insole flapped around my lower calf above my sock every time I used that leg (it must have looked hilarious). I started the run again and felt quite pleased with my innovative idea, until about 12 min into the run, where I could feel a burning sensation at my lower calf. I kept running for another few minutes until I couldn't stand it anymore! Now I've got another injury...the heel of the flapping insole burned a hole in my leg! Determined to complete 20 min of running, I ripped the insole out of my sock and ran for 4 minutes more on my toes, avoiding my heels...what a nightmare!!!!! I think I should go back and try the full 20 min. run again, but I need to drum up the courage first.


Good grief, that was a lot of difficulties to contend with! I had to laugh at the insole business although I am sure it was far from funny at the time!

Good luck with your next run; you can do it! It was all down to wardrobe malfunctions last time and not a lack of ability so remember that!


Thanks for the encouragement. I will be heading out this morning for 6r2, and I am wearing my old running shoes with no rough heels or extra insoles! Wish me luck!


I'm really hoping your post comes from America,Canada etc as I didn't think we had bear problems in the UK!!!


Yes, I live in Canada. Bears are not usually a problem in the city though.


How did you get on sunnyside?


I did it! The first 10 were a piece of cake, but it did get a little tough nearing the end. All in all it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be...YAY!!

How are you doing?


Perhaps you have a bug brewing. That phlegm doesn't sound good! But yes, be positive in all that you have done, and that you finished your run!


In some ways I wish I could use a bug as an excuse, but I suspect it is more to do with my lack if fitness than anything else! Still, I'll take it easy over the next 24 hours and see how I go. Thanks for the positive comments :)


Hope you'll be fine. With autumn here, I'm already wondering how I'll cope running with a cold. It is bound to happen sometime.


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