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Week 5!

Welk, I was due to start week 4 at Parkrun on Saturday just gone, loaded up the podcast ready to start running and Laura skipped ahead to week 5. Thought I might as well give it a go rather than faff about resetting her. Anyway, after getting over the shock of being told I would be running for 5 minutes I got stuck in. I had to stop running for a few seconds during the first rep but managed the other two ok. Very proud of myself,and the icing on the metaphorical cake was a new PB.

So yesterday I had to decide whether to go back and do week 4 or to carry on with week 5. I went for week 5, repeating run 1 and although it was tough, it was doable. I even jogged up a hill, which was painful but oh, so nice when it stopped. I intend to do run 1 again tomorrow but if I feel strong enough I might see if I can keep going on the last rep. My strength is definitely increasing, something that is an eye opener to me.

Happy running, everyone! This programme is amazing πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ƒ.

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brilliant, very well done :)

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awesome, well done :)

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