Gutted :(

I haven't run for almost 2 weeks. One run away from graduation and the tiny ankle/knee sprain from week 7 came back and bit me on the ass. My ankle was really swollen so I had to rest it. My question lovely people is after 3 weeks (I'm going to rest it until at least Friday) do you think I should go back to week 6 ?


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  • What a bummer Lisa. I would suggest you only run on your ankle if the swelling has gone and there is no pain. Why not try a gentle walk/run for your first venture back? That way, you can judge how your ankle feels and if it feels ok then you could increase the run times. Then, you can build up from there.

  • Thanks for that #Irishprincess. I actually walked 4 miles to work today and the ankle held up fine and hasn't swollen up yet so fingers crossed !

  • Brilliant! Why not try a slow 20 minute run and see how it feels?

  • I think I will give that a go on Wednesday :)

  • Running will put more force on the ankle, hopefully it's OK now, but have you got an ankle support you can use for running for now?

  • No I haven't, I shall go and get one today :)

  • Try the new week but very slowly running with ankle support and see how you go. Any signs of a problem stop. Probably best to do laps near home so you can be sure to get back fairly quickly if you get a problem. Hope all goes well.

  • If it were me I d be very cautious about having any kind of "goal" in mind the first few runs. Just set out to run gently and see how everything feels. If you had a car engine rebuilt you would want to check it thoroughly before risking ninety miles an hour on the motorway and I would feel just as careful about my bodies recovery πŸ™‚ Wishing you the very best of good fortune ☺

  • I found an ankle support really good after I had an Achilles injury. Just gives you that bit of confidence to get back out there. Make sure you go slowly and any twinges stop and try again another day don't rush it x

  • The ankle feels fine, no pain or throbbing whatsoever but................ by this time of the day (11.30 am) it starts to swell up and by the time I get home from work I can't see my ankle bone. I've noticed also that the side part of my foot swells! I'm thinking I may have to visit the GP :(

  • It might still be ok. Years ago I badly sprained my ankle (before running) but when I started this programme it blew up like a balloon even though there was no pain. I got it checked and all was ok and even now it occasionally swells up but I'm still running 😊

    But yes you should definitely get it checked. It might need more rest but you WILL be back again Lisa. Keep the faith.

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