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I did week 1 x 4 over 8 days then moved onto week 2 last saturday finished and felt really good apart from shins alittle sore and a bit of pain just below the right knee.

week 2 run 2 last night and whilt my leg was still a bit sore I thought that I could run it off had to stop after 3rd 90 sec run due to pain in right leg just below the knee.

I can hardly walk this morning and I know I wont be able to run for a while even though I have only been doing the c25k for 2 weeks I have lost over a stone (24st 5 at start) and i,m afraid I may lose motivation if I have to stop running for a while I,m absolutly gutted as I know it will be difficult to lose weight without c25k Or pehaps I,m just too heavy at the moment for my joints to take the strain from jogging?


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Scotty, I suggest you do week 1 again, just to build up the strength in your joints and your knees. They are going to take a pounding, as they are having to carry you and the excess weight.

The one piece of advice my running chums gave me was invest in a decent pair of trainers. For you it is even more important than for those light weights.

The other thing you need to do is look at your diet. I lost 2 stone by stopping the booze. I don't know if you are a drinker or not, but booze, chocolate and food in moderation is going to be your quick win.

Also take a days rest, and see how you are. If you can't run then walk it. Get comfortable and walk for the 25 minutes of the podcast. That's 25 minutes more walking then you would have done. Also if you push yourself and walk briskly, so you develop a bit of sweat and a spot of heavy breathing, while this is a bit unattractive to the ladies, it will do you good.

Just keep active, don't sit on your backside moping. As the Nike logo goes, Just do it! and you can.


I agree about the trainers - get a good pair of running shoes with lots of support - it made a big difference with me. Don't run if you are in pain you'll injure yourself more. Rest then start again - you can do it!


Thats fantastic that you have lost a stone already. I too am on the heavyside and I am taking it steady. As yet I havent any proper running shoes but intend to get some when I go to the city again. I have had back problems so I know when I need to ease off. I will be guttered if I injure myself because then there is no way I will loose any weight. ;-(


Scotty, I know exactly how you feel. I too developed pain in my knees and felt that I couldn't carry on. After asking for advice on this Forum I realised that there's a load of good people all trying to do the same thing and experiencing the same ups and downs. I was advised to get a pair of running shoes and wore my old ones to the shop, had my feet checked and bought new (not expensive) shoes and wore them home. The pain in my knees reduced instantly. Off to give running another go tomorrow. Chin up spring's just around the corner.


A day's rest and how do you feel now? I bet your knees and shins feel much better.


Look at all these people who are helping to support you, I agree with everything they say, some really good advice, particularly the walking, especially as you are obviously starting to lose the weight, I have gone out for brisk walks for the past 2 years twice a week where possible and it definately helps to build up your muscles, and I am less than a stone overweight so you probably need to do that first. I wish you lots of lucka nd remember there are lots of people who can motivate you along the way on here :-)


Thanks for all the comments really helpful. my knee is still cream crackered today so i,m going to get an appointment with the Dr and hopefully get some physio via my employers Health cover I had my cartilage done seven years ago so I hope its not that again.

However on the plus side I am going to try c25k swimming style (less ipod of course ) eg swim hard 2 lenghs swim steady 2 lenghs untill the knee issue resolves it self.

keep on running




Keep on going mate, every little helps.


Think of that feeling of 'guttedness' as your best buddy - I just had to take 4 weeks off due to illness (at week 5) and felt really down that I couldn't go out and carry on the progress I'd started - but I found it really positive that I missed running so much. Now I'm better there's just no stopping me - and if anything I'm even prouder of myself for picking myself up when I could have been squashed! Thinking up an alternative, as you've done, is a great sign of your commitment :-)


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