Crash Training for 5km run

Crash Training for 5km run

My race date is 2 Oct, but my current timing is still around 50 minutes. Is it realistic to get before sub 40?

Just a little of myself, i am an ex-soldier, and have sub 20 for 5km before. But on march this year, i had an open heart surgery, and the doctor only cleared me for running in late July. Since than, i have been doing at least 5 to 8 km walk/jog daily, and sometime i will do a trekking into the woods just to break away from the boredom.

My greatest restriction is, i cannot do the 80% heart beat rating interval, as my new blood vain may burst (or so the doctor say).

Since April, i have started with 3km walk and now increase to 5-8m, sometime hiting 10km a day of walk and job. I wanted to add weight to increase the intensity, but my therapist strongly disagreed. Any other has opinion?

Please help me to complete this in a fun and challenging thing. i know i am not young, nor am i doing it for military sake anymore.


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  • You're doing great! Especially after open-heart surgery! You have the basic fitness, you know what to do and you obviously have the determination to do this, but I think you want too much too soon. Take it easy, you have the rest of your life to enjoy. Listen to your body, listen to your doctor and listen to your therapist. Reset your goals and just enjoy the fact that you're still able to run. It would be awful to do yourself a mischief just because you want to get faster. So be kind to yourself!

  • Yea, that is the problem of old soldier, they never say die.

    I am working on the guideline given by the medical staff, that is why i dare not use the 80% heart rate to push myself.

    Guess i have to give up my timing this year. try harder next year.


  • Great achievement and that you are getting out there again. Can you afford a coach to help you that will help you train in your HR zones with a specific programme. You are doing all the right things and I feel that you will naturally get faster but it may take some time. Focus on the enjoyment of running, and that you are now able to and the rest will fall into place 😎

  • Definitely take the advice of the medics very seriously. What you want is a long healthy life with lots of 5k runs in the future, not a one-off spectacular run which turns out to be your last!! Just sayin'...

    Seriously, you're doing so well with your rehab and return to fitness, well done you!

  • Sure, I have working on the guideline given by the medical staff, that is why i dare not use the 80% heart rate to push myself.


  • Like the photo , Looks a great place, like your dog. You look good given your recent operation. Agee with last post. I myself am keen to push on with my running and making progress but doing it steady and slowly.

    I'm 60 but have not had any major surgery or health issues. Obviously there may be people on this site with similar experiences which they may relate to you. But would not feel qualified to give medical advice on what you should do.

    Look forward to hearing how you progress.

  • wow, 60! u r an encouragement to me and many others!!!

    I am working on the guideline given by the medical staff, that is why i dare not use the 80% heart rate to push myself.

    I will want to be as healthy as u when i am 60!!


  • It would be a tall order given the time constraint. No short cuts unless you are dead fit, and let's face it most of us aren't when we start trying to run. You could download c25k programme and train for 5k gradually, which will help build your health back up. Walking is great and will really help your return to fitness. Eat the right foods too! 😊

    Good luck ☺

  • Thanks. Yes, in the days where i don't feel like training, i will just do 8 km walk.

  • Please, and with sincere respect, I strongly urge you to get advice from those who are medically qualified. You can get a second opinion if you think your present Healthcare Professional is too cautious on your behalf -I know myself only too well that Doctors are human and make mistakes - but to risk your life or permanent disability by running before it is advisable would certainly make me check things very thoroughly.

    I wish you every good fortune and I hope you don't think my concern is arrogant in any way.

  • I have been working on the guideline given by the medical staff, that is why i dare not use the 80% heart rate to push myself. Just hope to hear from someone with similar experience to push myself, that's all.


  • I don't know how long ago you ran a sub 20min 5k, but we all have to face up to the fact that as we age we cannot do what we did when younger, especially after major surgery. Your medical specialists are the ones to advise you, because even if someone on this site has the same condition as you, we are all individual, so surely better to trust the expert than a stranger.

    That said, in time it may be possible to confound your specialist's opinion and go on to achieve great things. Build yourself up slowly and let your body heal. Maybe this coming 5k should be accepted as a gentle bench mark, from which you can measure progress in the future.

    I admire your tenacity. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • ha. . . . thanks, u r right, that sub-20 was 20 years ago, and 12 yrs back, i did it at 25 min. I have working on the guideline given by the medical staff, that is why i dare not use the 80% heart rate to push myself.

    yes, i began to accept that i will have to let go my target this year, try harder next year.

    thank you

  • Remember - we may be 'old' but we are certainly not obsolete. We might not be as fast to get somewhere - but we are a lot more clever about it :) Wishing you every good fortune :)

  • More clever? I don't dare to say that, just do my level best.

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