Couch to 5K

1sr run in 4 months

Hello all. I graduated some time ago, but for lots of reasons, my running stopped.

My last run was 4 months ago along Ipanema beach. It was stunning and VERY hot. 26 degrees at 0630!

So, after weeks of procrastinating, I strapped my asics back on and ventured out with my partner along the local canal. Not quite Ipanema, but lovely nonetheless!

The plan was a very gentle 5k. I have to say, I thought I'd struggle more. Don't get me wrong... The last mile did hurt and my thighs were complaining but I did it.

I can certainly feel it today though! The soreness you have when you first set out as a new runner - it's back! Quads are not happy with me at all!

If you've had time out for whatever reason - when the time is right for you..... Get back in the saddle! You won't regret it. 👍🏻

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Welcome back! It does feel good doesn't it?

The legs don't forget how to run even though they might complain a bit!

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Well done... And just take it gradually to prevent injury... I bet it feels great to be back 😎


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