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I managed to just beat the horizontal rain this morning, getting back seconds before the clouds opened.

I tried a BRAND NEW route this morning thinking this might be worthwhile in terms of a change of geography. Running is so mentally challenging I find and I have read on here that if you change your route, it can reap rewards. It did too!

I didn't feel exactly sprightly when I got up (thanks to a rather cheeky Shiraz that slipped down remarkably easily the night before!) but despite Mrs Dans sarky comments about me not being up to going out, I did what I said I'd do - and got out the front door.

I'm running with music at the moment, having done a load of runs prior to, with nothing in my ears whatsoever. I'm still learning about my body and my mind when it comes to exercise and I've come to believe that something going on in your ears,helps you keep your mind occupied from the demon thoughts of "You'll never do this" or "You need to stop!". Plus I've also got Endomondo announcing each Kilometre to me which again, helps my mind cope with any feeling of wanting to give up.

First K was 6'10, followed by a 6'09 - so a magnificent ONE SECOND improvement! I was about to pass York House in Twickenham where I got married 2,5 years ago and I turned my head to look across the road, remembering what a brilliant day that was. Onto K3 and I started getting feelings of "Maybe I should stop for a walk", but I managed to ignore them. I was approaching Twickenham station when suddenly I got this amazing push in my back that swept me along as if floating on air! The storm winds were stirring and blowing in my favour and I eased past the station, picking up speed and I was amazed at how fast I was going. I kept going until I had to cross the A316 which I hoped I could do without stopping and ruining my time. I got to the pedestrian crossing and had to wait for the bloody lights to change, all the time counting the lost seconds in my head. I counted 17 seconds of jogging on the spot whilst I waited for the lights to go red, enabling me to cross. Endomondo announced the 4th K at 6'09. I worked out that if I hadn't stopped, that would have been my fastest kilometre at 5'52 - but it wasn't to be!

On to the final kilometre, pounding along, huffing and puffing but with steely grit and determination, I managed to increase speed. I was so pleased with this performance on the last K because this was the very first run where I gradually got a bit quicker with each K.

"You have reached your goal" said Endomondo. "5K in 30'18" with my last K being the fastest at 5'48! Goodness me I was SO PLEASED! A whole 49 secs chopped off last saturdays run. I was mentally feeling back to where I should be - back to where I'd got to around last September before all my flamin' injury lay offs. It was tough, but then it always is. I had a bit of help along the way with the stiff breeze that pushed me past Twickenham station but then I guess that was countered with the lost seconds waiting for the traffic to stop!! Swings and roundabouts etc....

My next outing, I am going to try and incrementally increase speed each K, as I did with this run. Only by a second or two and THAT will be a challenge - judging speed, effort etc, but like I said, you never stop learning about yourself whilst running, judging how your body reacts, dealing with pain niggles, using your arms to power yourself along etc, and if I can repeat todays performance then I will be as happy as a pig in s**t!!

HAppy New Year to you all and don't get so bladdered you can't get up tomorrow and head out the door for a run! Hahah!


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That's a brilliant last run for 2013 . You must be really chuffed with yourself . Well done danzargo ! & things can only get better . Happy new year to you & yours


Thanks Rockette!


Dan, how fantastic! So you outwitted that naughty little Shiraz. It doesn't seem that long ago that you sounded pretty down at your speeds and distance etc. Hurrah!!!!


YOU ARE RIGHT! Not so long ago I was really down in the dumps about all things running. But I was determined to whoop my aaassss and get back to it! Hooray!


Whoop, whoop!!


Brilliant post - thank you for sharing. I felt like I was running with you :) I can only dream of that pace - you are doing amazingly well. Keep at it and happy new year! :)


Did you know you could have picked up the river Crane after the station - you said before you ran by it some near the Thames - am trying to work out your routes as I sometimes stay in Twickenham (right by the station) when I see my Dad. Glad you are back on the rails with time and running.

Keep up the great posts in 2014.


Thanks for your fun and frank posts Dan! You make us all laugh! Great last run for 2013. Happy New Year to you and Mrs Dan :-)


For your information, Dan, I seem to remember that you can ask Dolores Endomondo to automatically pause your timing when you come to a standstill. You can probably ask her to do lots of other things too, but that doesn't mean she will.

Don't push hard on every run, some should be lazy jogs, just to enjoy yourself.. Good luck for 2014.


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