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W8R1 - first run in this heat


Hi all! I decided to stop being a complete wimp about the heat and team up with my running buddy again yesterday early evening. It also gave me 3.5 days recovery from W7R3 on Saturday morning. Even though it was at Park Run I left my barcode at home because I didn’t want the temptation of over-doing it!

The upper left leg is still being nursed along so we set of at my usual shuffle - my buddy trains on a hilly route once a week and she’s not having to protect her legs as much. But in that humidity / heat I think she was grateful of the let up in pace!

I noticed my right kneecap complain at the very start, although the left leg was behaving itself. A slight adjustment in landing, to be slightly on the ball of the foot, and the twinge in the knee stopped. We usually chat as we go along but not tonight - her breathing worse than mine, my legs worse than hers! My lungs were really good for the first half and I kept my chin up and shoulders back. We’re so lucky to be able to run along a dead-end lane that is just the right length for this programme!

We got a few meters further along the lane than she did alone last week, before the bell sounded and we turned for home. But I’d made a mental note of the 5k point and we were within a few meters of it! We should be there easily next week with an extra 2mins!

I wish I could say I was able to take the time to look about a bit more, and enjoy the experience, but I was focussed on getting to the end.

The ‘final 5min’ message was a long time coming. I felt very much the same as the last 5 mins the week before. My goodness those extra 3 mins went slowly! I was now running out of air and in danger of my posture causing fatigue.

Then I quit a few seconds earlier than I should have - because I thought MJ said ‘you’ve done it’ but then said about nearly there???? 💩. But it was literally seconds. Watch out for it if you’re going to do this run next!

My buddy had some extra energy in the tank, so she pushed on for a few more seconds up the humpback bridge over the railway - a Bridge Too Far for me! Walked back a bit light headed and grateful to stop at the end.

That was a slog - not exactly fun, but lots to be pleased about. At the start, I really didn’t know if I could last the full 28 mins, but I did it! My breathing was really easy for about 3/4’s of the run. I’m definitely having to be careful with the legs, but I’ve been experimenting with different stretches after. Last night I tried the one where you stand with feet wide apart, knees straight and touch the floor with your hands- it felt good and I’m sure that helped. This morning my legs feel no worse, and at least I don’t have to take the stairs one at a time anymore - like before I started running - so I’m going to keep nursing my limbs along.

So, W8R2 is Thursday morning and I’m looking forward to it. 5 runs left!

Have a good week everyone!

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Sounds like a great run, even if it was tough. You are so close to that graduation podium , so keep with it. 😀

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Cheers Razouski! Every run is different isn’t it?!


Well done you... a tough but satisfying run...keep your eye, ( not literally) on that knee... and make sure that you feel okay.

Try these stretches too...many of us use them:)


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Thanks Oldfloss! Appreciate that link - I’ll have to print them out and laminate it!!! Am not too proud to take extra repair days if needed :) I knew these last 3 or 4 weeks were the ones that condition the legs to regular running, and staying sound was always going to be my challenge!


Well done. My mind trick for the 28 was to say it is only 90 seconds per half, not 3 minutes at the end. And I’d run 90 seconds in week 2...

Enjoy the next one, well done on the landings and stretches.

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Great idea! Thanks!


Well done Equi-geek! You did it! I’ll be joining you on W8R2 on Thursday too! Best wishes! ❤️

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Just got back - felt better than Tuesday 🤣🤣

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