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Wk 8 run2 under my belt

I seem to be back On track now. I have done 2 runs of 28 min. I just can't believe it. I even started off a bit faster today and had to slow down but I didn't stop. I have found singing along to the music helps. I had forgotten this is what I do on the cross trainer and I have adapted my breathing to go along with it. I found this pace on the last run and all of a sudden I felt free. Unfortunately I am not quite ready to run at that pace yet so hence the fast start and the slowing down. I must look like a beetroot faced loon singing along ( not out loud). But I am sooooooooooo happy it's finally coming together. Thanks again for all the encouragement on here. It's kept me going. I can't believe I am going to go into wk 9 soon.

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You're so nearly there! And hey, it doesn't matter what we do or what we look like - we are running and that's great. So you carry on singing, and I look forward to your graduation post :)


Thank you. I'm getting a bit excited now.


Hi Rfc, wow are so close now ! I know from some of your recent posts you have found it a bit of a struggle at times,but well done for keeping at it :)

Lovely to read this nice upbeat are an inspiration to everyone out there working their way through the programme.

Keep at it girl...can't wait to read your graduation post when it comes :) x


thanks carolecal, I am hoping graduation wont be too long away. Don't want to jinx it but today registered for the parkrun. I wont do it for a couple of weeks but next goal in sight. Thanks for the support.


That's great good to have your eye on the next goal !

At least by registering now you have set things up for when you are ready for it.... I'm sure there'll be no jinx - it just goes to prove you've got confidence in completing the rest of the programme and you are looking towards graduation and beyond ,which is good :)


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