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Shocked I could keep up!?

I found and downloaded Laura and C25k+/Stepping stones and did it yesterday felt ok, not too fast and I was surprised I was able to keep up. I had a smile on my face all day at work remembering what I had done in the morning.

My payback came during the night as I had very little sleep due to cramp in my toes and ankles. My cats thought I had finally gone mad jumping around in the dark of night and decided to take themselves to the spare room!!

I don't very often get cramp so don't really know how to deal with it. I have stiff feet and ankles this morning so tomorrow morning I will run without Laura only to return to her again next week.

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Sounds like you need to get a dog. They're much more supportive ;-)

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I would love a dog but a) I work long hours so would not be fair on the dog and b)it would have to get on with the cats which requires a special dog 😃


Agree about the long hours, but the cats would be company and most people I know with both types of furry say that if the cats are already resident then the pooch just learns his/ her place in the hierarchy very quickly!


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