Injury!! Keep running??

I'm due to start week 4 tomorrow. Really enjoying running so far. I made the mistake of not having rest days in week 3 as I was stupidly busy and wanted to fit them all before going away for the weekend... I had very sore heels Thursday and Friday and noticed Friday night my ankles were swollen, it's now Sunday and they are still swollen, I have tried to rest but currently away for the weekend so it's difficult.. what do I do ? I don't want to wait too long and loose what I've built up so far.

Any advice would be great.

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  • You will not lose condition for about two weeks. You will exacerbate your injury if you continue to run before it is settled. Be patient.

  • don't run injured. Dont skip rest days.

  • You'll need one week on the injury couch. Try and elevate your feet as much as possible when you are sitting. But try and keep moving, too. Don't run.

    When you are ready to return:


  • All of the above.

  • Keep your rest days.... and rest up.. we do not lose fitness that fast... :)

  • Thanks for the replies 😊 Confirmed what I thought. I Won't be skipping rest days again that's for sure.

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