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Keep it up


August 2012 I could not run from one lamp post to the next without being out of breath and thinking what am I doing? Today Sunday 10th March 2013 I have run 6 miles in under an hour. Am I boasting? Of course I am because I did not think I could do it, everybody told me I could not do it, enjoy life they said. I was a 16st slob who said execs and beyond, Eat, drink and to people who exercised they are wankers.

When I was told by my GP I might not get to my retirement I thought some changes were needed.

Oh Laura, she saved me. It was a bloody hard slog and I started in 2011 doing the C25K I would do the first week and then go back to old ways, munch, much.

Then in 2012 I got it and ever since I can’t stop the running. Today I am 13st, flat tummy and I have enrolled on a Fitness Instructor Course, to help people like I was.

I am not the fastest in the local Park Run in fact I was 207, (27mins), out of 270, but two years ago I would not have been able to run the first hundred yards.

So where ever you are in theC25K program keep it up. It is not easy but when was anything worth having easy. Start thinking what it will be like when you reach week 9

and if you are near week nine what’s it going to take to run 45mins?

Good luck to you all and good running


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I think that is the most moving blog I've read on here. Congratulations and thank you. I hope Laura gets to read it too.


Thank you greenlegs.

There is only one person we race against and that is ourselves,

If you are happy with your run, you are a winner. When you are not happy with your run, there is always tomorrow.


Brilliant blog Cromwell. Thanks for what you have said: it is a message all C25k-ers (and beyond) need to hear. The programme was the best thing I had done for my health, fitness, etc probably since giving up smoking in 1989. Believe!

HiddenGraduate in reply to janda

As you say janda, believe.

C25K isn't easy but it is the best thing since sliced bread to get people running.

Who wouldn't want to risk 8 weeks to change their life?


Lovely blog, and so true that these 9 weeks can change your life! I have found so much confidence in myself from completing the challenge, and it was a very personal challenge to keep going when my daughter stopped, when I was injured in a car crash then ill after an operations but I had caught the bug and knew it was doing me good!

I have chatted about C25K at work, and now have three people started on their own running journeys; I have continued with weight watchers in parallel to C25K and have found my weight loss slowed but my shape is definitely changing and today have had all three of my adult kids say at different times how noticible it is now (1st 8lbs off so far) and my eldest daughter wants to restart C25K tomorrow! I still have a good few stones to lose, but will carry on running for pleasure (and pride) with ambitions to get quicker and fitter and beat my Imap times, and my snails pace Parkrun!

Will wear my graduation T shirt with pride when it arrives this week! Thanks lovely Laura for helping me change my life! :-)

HiddenGraduate in reply to Poppy2010

Thanks Poppy2010, but when I hear stories like yours it makes me realise what a doddle my 8 weeks were. I never had to come back from set backs, which you have.

With an attitude like yours I am sure those times will tumble, but the main thing is enjoy it. Wear you graduation T shirt with pride and take pleasure in the fact that you have introduced friends to the C25K.

Good running


Amazing! Such a fantastic testament to the wonders of C25K!!! I just worked my way up to 5 miles, but my speed is slow. I'm happy with the distance though and want to work my way to 10K. Your time is awesome! You should be very happy for all you have achieved so far! Wishing you continued running success! Gayle

HiddenGraduate in reply to gdeann

Thank you Gayle


Well done with using C25K to change your life around so positively. I think you'll be great at inspiring others to do the same.

HiddenGraduate in reply to swanscot

Thanks swanscot.


Cromwell, that's a brilliant blog. Good on ya! x

Brilliant - that's what it's all about.



Great blog.


A wonderful and inspiring blog, what a difference it has made for you. I think that this should be put permanently on the web site so people who are in the same position, can read it.

HiddenGraduate in reply to Norni

Thanks for


Cromwell, what a brilliant post. Your story is thoroughly inspiring and proof that ANYONE can run. And Poppy2010 - it sounds like yours is an amazing achievement too.

Like everyone here - I can't evangelise enough about Couch to 5k. It transformed not only my fitness levels and my attitude to my own health - but my confidence as I'm sure you have all found, too. Keep up the good work everyone. You're all heroes

HiddenGraduate in reply to LauraStQ

Hi Laura

Many thanks for your comments and yes C25K is a really brilliant program.

I have told everyone, who comments about how I look, about C25kand I know

One person has started it.

Your voice still nags me when I have one of those, I’m too tired to run tonight.

You said “a bad run is better than no run” amen to that.

Thank you for changing my life.

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