Havent started yet, need advice!

Hello i'm new here,

I am 17 years old and extremely overweight (34 BMI). I'm really thinking of starting this but its clear i am not one for exercise. Has anyone got any tips for me before starting this? what diet should i consume while doing this? how to deal with self confidence in public while im trying to run and so on. Any tips would be very helpful.



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  • Download the nhs c25k podcasts and follow them. Each of the podcasts is around half an hour rising to 40 mins. At first you do a warm up brisk 5 mins walk and then you SLOWLY jog for a minute followed by walking and you repeat this. A friendly voice gives you instructions and there is music, not to everyone's taste but helps to keep you going nonetheless. Lots of us on this forum felt self conscious to begin with but once you get started you will realise that anyone you need will probably ignore you or give you a smile. You need some trainers and a sports bra and to take the podcasts with you, a phone or mp3 player. The whole thong can seem daunting to start with but it is a great programme and it works at getting you for and able to run non stop for 30 mins. You may experience some weight loss but will certainly tone up. You need to combine it with a diet plan for more weight loss. There is a forum and plan for that on Healthunlocked too. Hope you get started. This is a really friendly forum and if you keep posting you will get lots of support.☺

  • Thankyou so much! I will be sure to start once i have the right running clothes :)

  • The sooner you start your self esteem will rise and you will feel better in yourself but it is your decision when you start but the forum will be here to support you all the way

  • Can't really add to what dddd4 has said but welcome aboard take your time have a look at a weight loss programme like slimming world you have age on your side but it is up to you and how much you want this at the end of the day you are the master of your destiny. However you will get no end of support and encouragement from the members of this forum

  • You consume a healthy diet while doing the programme and hopefully for the rest of your life. It sounds as if right now would be a good time to start, before your weight/BMI gets any higher. Moving more is the thing to do and C25k is a great programme to get you started along the path to a healthy life😊

    Lots of us here were in mortal dread of lycra tights and indeed took great lengths to hide ourselves from view. That's quite ok but I think most of us were soon happy to come out as runners and strut our stuff, as folks really don't give a toss about what other folk are doing 😊 We just think they are. There is a very funny little kindle book about this very subject. "No run intended" it's called 😊.

    I am a member of Weightwatchers and have been for a number of years. I find that being in a group, and having to eyeball The Leader each week, helps keep me on plan ☺ I was 56 when I turned my life around and went from fat to fit. It can be done! Don't delay. Do it today☺

  • Well done for thinking about getting healthy. It might be worth visiting your GP for a general check up before starting. I have used a free App My Fitness Pal where you can set weight loss goals and track calories. Exercise will improve fitness but we also need to track calories. Nice and slow when you start and don't worry about other people, they are not that interested in us

  • AAH! - to be 17 yo again!!! With my entire adult life ahead of me -- you are so fortunate!! :) I know that I was 17 once - but as I turn 70 in a couple of months, I can't remember much about it! :)

    You have come to the right place here - simply stop "recreational" eating and get outside and "move" for up to an hour each day --do this by lots of walking - running can come after you can walk every day of the week for 30 minutes. :) Start today - right now!!!

  • I wish I had got into this earlier (I'll be 40 in a few weeks!) so you're lucky.

    At first it was very embarrassing as you run for, like, 3 minutes and get horribly sweaty and out of breath. I ran in a deserted park just before sunset, when it's cooler too which is easier in the summer, and there was no-one about. If you don't have that luxury just wear shades and hope you don't run into anyone you know! And remember, everyone started out like this, even Mo Farah. That applies if it's the running bit you're potentially embarrassed about. If its the overweight bit remember that most people don't notice you, the rest don't care, and of those who care most will think (like I always do), well done for doing something about it. Anyone who thinks negatively of an overweight person trying to get fit is a fool!

    Make sure you have good, proper running shoes but other than that just wear something baggy and walk out of the house. The first step is the hardest. Once you've left the house in your trainers you've won the battle. And don't be afraid to repeat weeks. I think I did week 4 about 3 times! You can diet if you want to but you'll lose weight just from the extra exercise. The most important thing is to eat healthy. There is loads on the NHS website on that.

    Do it sweetheart, you won't look back. Good luck!

  • You're very welcome Maddie to the friendliest place on the Internet. Just do your best. The programme officially has 9 weeks but you can take as long as you need to complete it. Loads of us have repeated runs and whole weeks because we weren't ready to move on. Just believe in yourself, take it good and slowly and enjoy yourself. :)

  • Can't really add to what others have said but go for it! Some of the best things you will do in life may be scary to start with but doing it any way makes you feel way better :-) Good luck!

  • In terms of diet I would just initially cut out snacks and try and reduce portion size. Make small changes which you can sustain. You are still very young so take things easy. In terms of worrying about self confidence, people are so positive about running and very encouraging as we all know it is hard work so don't worry and just focus on yourself. The feeling of being self conscious soon wears off. Everyone on here is testament to that 😁😁

  • Good to know! Running outside is just a huge deal for me but reading these replies has given me confidence to give it a go for my own well-being

  • That's the spirit!! 😊

  • Cant really add anything more to the excellent advice given above, but just wanted to welcome you to the board and say " Good Luck "

    We were all very nervous about running outside at first, but this programme really builds your confidence and self esteem and after a while you will realise that it doesn't really matter what anyone might or might not think, this is YOUR journey, and the benefits are just immense !

    Please keep posting so we can support you along your way :-) xxx

  • If you're using the app, add some of your favourite tunes onto your phone, to listen to in between the commentary. Just be careful not to get too lost in the music - I have to remind myself not to give in to a spot of air drumming when the endorphins are pumping....

    Good luck!

  • Just wear something comfy that you already have to start with, trainers and a sports bra. My best advice would be to download week 1 and get started. Thinking about it is worse than doing it. I also think that people you don't want to encounter are not likely to be about early in the morning so that can be a great time to run. The longer you do it, the less self conscious you become but in any case you run in a little world of your own, listening to the music and instructions on the podcasts so you can pretty much blank out who and what is going on around you.

    The weight will come off and you will feel stronger, fitter and happier. To accelerate weight loss, make some changes, maybe a big salad in the evenings and drink a lot more water. Replace crisps, biscuits, sweets and white bread with healthier and filling alternatives. Think about when you eat junk and prepare for those situations - at the pub with friends (have a rye bread ham and avocado sandwich before you go out), when you're watching tv (watch less tv and go for an evening walk instead), afternoons on the way home (take a bigger , healthier lunch with you or have a healthy snack for the afternoon and a bottle of water with you).

    Often we think we're hungry when we're actually thirsty so when you feel peckish, have a big glass 9of water first. Some people drink a big glass of water before a meal as it prevents themover-eating. Drop sugar as completely as you can (eat a carrot rather than a chocolate bar, fruit rather than pudding, drink tea and coffee black, have crispbread and cheese rather than biscuits). You can do it. It is also a terrific buzz to see how you're shaping up.

  • Following the targets in each session helps to keep your mind off negative thoughts about what you look like. You will feel great when you reach each goal. I was really surprised at the difference it made to my day. Just start and come back to the forum if you need encouragement. You can do this.

  • As someone who needs to diet too I can tell you that don't do any very low calorie diets whilst on this. Make sure you eat a lot of protein and watch the sugar and carbs. Also make sure to drink plenty of water. Finally don't focus on losing weight, focus on completing the runs. Your body is going to be building more muscle as well as tone up and this takes a lot longer to do and you will notice a difference despite whatever the scales say.

    Welcome to the program!

  • Welcome!! The C25k programme is simply amazing, following it will change your life and be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Well done for getting that first run done!

    Top advice is go slow! Slow down until you feel like you can't possibly slow down any more and then slow down again! Take extra rest days (always at least one rest day between runs) if you need to and if you don't manage all the running intervals then try that run again next time. Stretch, listen to Laura, GO SLOWLY, take your rest days and before you know it you'll be running for 30 minutes!

    I did the programme inside on a treadmill until Week 7 because I was too scared to run outside. The first time I did go outside it was 10pm, I wore all black because I didn't want anyone to see me and was shaking like a leaf! I haven't been back on the treadmill since! Running outside is so great and the sense of achievement you'll feel completing each week is so amazing that you barely notice anybody around after a little bit! Other runners will be encouraging and recognise your achievement and anyone who thinks badly of you is probably jealous and has clearly never run before! Please try not to be put off doing something so great by people who don't matter. :)

    This forum is full of incredible, inspirational people so do use it for advice, encouragement and to let us celebrate your successes with you. :)

  • Some excellent advice here; especially about focussing on the runs instead of weight loss. Start off swapping unhealthy foods for healthy ones, stop snacking and keep an eye on portion sizes. Just doing this will help you tone up and drop inches. Weight only tells part of the story.

  • I can't really add anything to the excellent advice you've already been given, I just want to welcome you aboard and tell you that it can be done.

    I started the programme in March, overweight and totally out of breath after 30 seconds of plodding. I graduated in May, still overweight but able to run for 30 minutes. I had fallen in love with running♥️ Soon after graduation, I started restricting my calorie intake and following the general guidelines of the NHS 12 week plan, I have now lost around 9 kg (1.4 stone) and I look better and feel better than I have felt for years. Running is now something I do 3 times a week and I rarely skip a run. Simply can't, It is a lovely addiction.

    I hope you find the inspiration and advice you need in this forum.

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