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Week 7 Run 2

So after a week in Edinburgh with my family and managing to run every other day I come back North and do week 7 Run 1. It was fine, I managed almost 4km overall and felt good. Today I do run 2 and felt awful. I finished it but had to mentally kick myself up the bum even to get out of bed this morning.....

Also I am away to Blair castle horse trials on Wednesday for 6 days so will do run 3 on Wednesday morning but having a debate with myself. I know I will be busy as I am working while I am there and will be walking around a lot but I am meant to be doing week 8. I have been going almost every year since it started (family have been involved) so know how tired I will feel but also feel like if I don't run I will be letting myself down......I will probably take my running stuff in case I feel the energy or find the time to do a run.

But on a brighter note I decided to buy myself a fitbit (Mainly due to getting £80 in John Lewis vouchers from work :) ) and I may be slightly addicted to my steps and my heart rate now :)

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Well done on your week 7 runs. Don't stress yourself about week 8 if your busy and dashing about. Take your running stuff and run if you feel like it. You're certainly not letting yourself down if you don't start week 8 or even the last run of week 7, until the horse trials are over and done with. :)

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It's a lovely part of the world you may just like the idea of running in a new place. As McFitty says though you wouldn't be letting yourself down, sometimes life does get in the way. You're unlikely to lose anything you've built up in just 6 days but then again the lure of trying out that Fitbit may be too much.


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