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Wk 2 Run 2 postponed

Just checking in quickly to say the above. I was meant to be running yesterday before heading off to my parents (today is my Mum's birthday :)). Woke up with my injected elbow feeling really sore. If I had had more time, I'm sure I would have run later in the day, but because I had a long train journey and knew I would have to pick up my rucksack and battle across stations, I decided that the sensible course of action was just to postpone the run till I get back, because I have noticed it can feel a bit painful when running (usually I just ignore it).

I'm still posting because I have decided I am going to put my setbacks on here as well as my good runs. I'm not too down as it was absolutely the right thing to do - the elbow stayed sore all day and certainly knew about the journey - it is virtually impossible to put a rucksack on without jarring it though once it is on, it is better than a suitcase! So I shall run on Sunday if I get back in time, but more likely on Monday.

I'll be doing lots of walking today so looking forward to that. I promise I will get back to the running as soon as I can. Have a good weekend all - hope the rotten weather doesn't stop you! X

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Nothing wrong with posting setbacks - that's when you need the feedback / advice. It's easy to run when things are going well. Hope you have a good week-end with your mum.

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Hope your elbow is better soon. It won't be long before you're back on it - you might the rest helps!

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