A sort of heckle

A conversation I had with an Idiot (British) outside Le Bistro yesterday

Idiot - hello how many KMs did you run today?

CG, - I didn't run today

Idiot - ha ha you're slipping!

CG - I ran yesterday, I did some interva....(won't let me finish a sentence)

Idiot - ha ha you're slipping!

CG - I did 2 1/2 KM in 16 minu...

Idiot - ha ha you're slipping!

CG - I don't run every day, it's dangerous, I don't want to get an injur...

Idiot - ha ha you're slipping

I ran 22 KM this week, I ran around Cordes twice on Thursday, that's 12 KM

Idiot - my car broke down once, I had to ride my bike to the shops. If god had wanted us to run, he wouldn't have given us wheels.

CG - :-0


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12 Replies

  • “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  • “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

  • Lol, I wasn't arguing, he DID ask!

  • These idiots seem to be breeding! I agree with Gary I think it was who said this poking fun is a defensive mechanism. They're jealous really! Good luck with the hills.

  • I think this tw*t is just like that, only saying stuff in the hope he can use the stupid replies he has in his little armoury ...smart in the mouth conversation. He didn't upset me, I thought it was funny!

  • :-) I think you're dead right about that! He probably walked away thinking to himself, "You made right proper fool of yourself there, didn't you?", and wanting to cuff himself, even.

  • And those responses are so cliched. Runners are so much wittier!

  • Sometimes it's just not worth the effort! Good for you for keeping going still - and extra points for engaging in conversation with idots without resorting to violence!

  • The tag says it all. Daft twerp. Stick him on his wheels at the top of the hill and take the handbrake off. The kick he got out of that "conversation" must have lasted, oh, all of five seconds. The kick you get out of running lasts.... hum, wait, how long?

  • Personally i find resorting to violence in these situations immensely gratifying.

    Idiot - Ha ha you're-


    CG- Ha ha, you're picking up your teeth.

  • I was telling someone at work about a race I'd signed-up to last year. I think it was the Brighton HM. Anyway, idiot pipes up, quite irritated: "what do you want, a medal?!" Well yes, actually!

    I honestly believe it's jealousy. They can't/won't do it, so be unpleasant and mocking to those of us who do it.

    Oh, another one, at work again:

    "You only ran half a marathon!" it's worth pointing out this guy couldn't run a tap.

    No, I ran a half marathon and even if I only ran half a full marathon, at least I tried!

    Jealous fools!

  • Remind me not to Heckle you next time I see you plodding along Newmarket Rd :)

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