Is it harder when you have a cold?

Ok, looking at the question now I've typed it I'm thinking maybe that's a silly question. Maybe a better one is, is it okay to keep running or should you rest? I'm enjoying it too much to miss a run, but I woke up with a cough and a sniff, and my legs and arms felt heavier today. Kept going through the runs but definitely felt like very heavy jelly!


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6 Replies

  • Depends how bad it is and how you feel. If just the sniffles you should be OK, but if full blown cough, chest throat infection then no, wait until it passes, you won't lose any fitness..

  • I agree, as a rule of thumb you should never run on a cold or if you are feeling unwell. A simple cold can keep you in bed for a couple of days, if you ignore it it can become something really serious, especially if outside is cold or humid.

    In case, go and see a doctor and ask him/her what it is and when you can go back to run. Your body will tell you when it is ready anyway (you will stop feeling heavy legs).

    I have run on a cold but it is not worth the risk, take one or two days rest and you will enjoy running even more :)

  • I can just see me trying to get to see my doc for a sniffle. Ha ha. If I had full blow bubonic plague I'd still have to wait a few weeks for an appointment

    If you feel like running then go out and do it! A cold usually takes a few days to get a grip on you. Above the neck you can run - but just take a massive hanky. Below the neck, eg chest, then maybe not. Give it a rest in that case as it's hard to breathe if you're coughing your lungs up or congested. A break won't hurt and you can spoil yourself for a bit with hot drinks and lemsip, lolling in bed or the sofa planning your glorious return

    Take care Betty!

  • you are right about the doc :) the appointment would probably cover you for the next time you have this problem six months down the road ...

    take care :)

  • You will discover that even when the symptoms of a cold have disappeared, that it may take you several more days before you feel your running is back to normal. Generally it pays to be patient and wait until you are feeling better.

  • I take it all back! A letter dropped onto my mat this morning (the dog ripped it about a bit but that's by the by). It was an invitation from my GP to attend surgery for a HEALTH CHECK! Blimey, things are looking up. Apparently I will even get a cholesterol check. They must have had a windfall or sommat.

    Anyway, appointment made for the month end for Wobble to get a check up.

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