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Why is Week 6 such a toughy?

I've just completed W6R2 and I'm finding it tough, but from this site I'm seeing a lot of people seem to have this problem too. I'm still completing my runs but my legs feel tired and I feel like I'm hitting multiple walls. After W5R3 I felt invincible, but is this the problem?

Just wanted to know if anyone shared this experience, or had any ideas why this week felt harder than it maybe should do?

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Well i,m no expert but I do wonder if it because of the thrill of run 3 week 5 that sets us up to feel like it will all be a breeze from there?

Or because its back to breaks ?

All i know is i really struggled with run 1 and 2 but not 3,

No help at all am I! Just to share I was the same


Hoping 3 will be easier! Race For Life on Sunday so I'm keen to stop intervals!


Remember, you can walk if necessary. I found week 6 tough - then in week 7 you have to run without breaks again, somehow I find it hard to listen out for the breaks and keep wondering when they'll come as I don't wear a watch. If I know there's no break it's somehow easier (and harder) at the same time. Does that make sense?

Good luck for tomorrow, running mine in July !


I did W6R2 this morning and it was a beast! I had managed W5R3 ok and even ran further (I was like Forest Gump and just kept going for 32 mins!) but 2 lots of 10 mins this morning was awful. I wanted to give up a million times and didnt enjoy it at all. On paper it looks easier (hey if I can do 20 mins, surely I can do 10) but nooooooooooooooo.

Ive read a few blogs on here that the non interval training of Run 3 onwards is better. Fingers crossed. Good luck!


The 2x10 mins run nearly finished me off! I think that actually it's because walking briskly, if you're doing it properly, is surprisingly knackering in itself. My running speed at the time wasn't all that much faster than my really brisk walking. So from beginning to end of the intervals you're doing 23 minutes of real exercise. Plus, you're going to be going further in simple kilometres than ever before, because you have that 23 mins plus 5 mins of walking either end. I imagine that the idea behind this run is to begin building up stamina to be able to keep moving for a longer period. It's less intense in one go than W5R3, but there's a lot more of it in total, if that makes sense. On the plus side, it really prepares you for the 25 minute run you're now looking at.


I'm glad its not just me! I also felt invincible after last weeks long run and was probably too complacent by the time run 1 of this week came around. I crashed down to earth (not literally) with a bump to find it so tough but carried on and was really surprised that my 5k circuit was almost 5 minutes faster than last weeks 3rd run. I think as we're getting stronger, we are running better and dare I say a little faster. Run 2 was equally as tough and I'm back to being apprehensive about tomorrows 25 minutes. Good luck everyone and keep going :)


I've just completed W6R3 and I really struggled today. I had to stop for a few seconds quite a few times but I did it. I truly think its more of a mental struggle than a physical struggle when your running for the full 20 minutes. I say that but my legs were getting really tired. I found that when I got past the 15 minute mark, my breathing became a bit easier but I had reached a bit of a mental block. Looking forward to W6 though but cannot for the life of me see me running for 25 minutes, thats a tough one! Keep going & good luck... :-)


Woops, that should have read W5R3!


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