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Looks like I'm going to have to try harder 😕

W5R2; I was looking forward to this run on my way home from work. Off I went on my run, and it felt as though my lungs weren't big enough! I don't run fast at all, just a mere jog, so not too sure why I had to pause in the second 8 min run. I felt quite tired, but I'm not giving up, I think that I'm just going to do this run again before doing R3.

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Good idea to do it again - then you'll really be ready for the big one which most people stress about but then amazingly succeed at. Best for you to go in confident than worry that you might fail r3. But, but ,but, it does sound to me that you might be running, as you call it, too fast. Its more important to do the distance without stopping, than to go faster. Anything faster than a walk is fast enough to get to the end. Good luck.


I agree with Buffy!


I agree with Buffy but let's not overlook the issue of fuel, try looking at what you are eating during the day especially if you are running after work where it's easy to grab a sandwich, forget to take in water etc.

I completed a run a week or so ago and 5 minutes or so in I really struggled, my brain started to panic and I couldn't breath. I then thought about my nutritional intake for that day: 6 cups of coffee, an apple and a cup a soup!

Hardest 30 minutes of my entire running experience!

Not saying your getting the diet wrong but worth a thought.

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I think that you've hit the nail on the head, no I didn't have too much to eat yesterday! Got to open up my mind a bit eh? Thank you 😊


That sounds very sensible JaxO. If you haven't already discovered it already you will find that some days the running is easy and on others it is just very hard. Sometimes you will know what causes it and other times it will just remain a mystery. Your best bet is to just work through it. It does get easier in the long run....

Good luck and happy running!


Thank you for your encouragement. Even though I looked forward to it, it didn't feel right.


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