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B210K W1R1 Take 2 - a mudless wonder!

So after this mornings shenanigans in the mud - or should I say farce resulting in me losing my trainers, throwing away a pair of running socks and walking home caked in the stuff (you can read more in an earlier blog ;)) - I did my laundry, washed and dried my beloved brooks running shoes and set out again for another go.

And.....success! 4 x 10 minute intervals with only 1 minute recovery in between. I kept telling myself that I already had my 5k and 30 minutes under my belt so this was do-able. However I've only ever run for 33 minutes straight and am usually maxed out by the end of 30 minutes. As I thought, the first three intervals were fine and I didn't really need the 1 minute recovery but took them anyway ;). But the first five minutes last 10, all sorts of gremlins appeared and I felt as if I were treading water. But I carried on, shrugged away the gremlins and the final 5 minutes was great! Not including warm up and cool down, I covered 7.05 km in 40 minutes of running with 3 minutes walking. Chuffed to bits :D

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Amazing Fraz, go you! Must say I laughed and laughed at your blog this morning! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but it sounded so funny!

Cannot believe you covered over 7km; that's amazing! :)

I'm going to start the B210K tomorrow so I'll let you know how I get on.


It's funny now and my facebook friends are finding it hilarious. Ah well, something to dine out on eh? ;) Glad I went back out and did it though. I had my garmin on but really wasn't looking at pace or anything, just recording time and distance so yes, I was surprised at that. But with another 20 minutes of running to add and intervals to lose, whatever pace I was doing today will no doubt slow down to make sure I finish the runs. But I have to say I feel refreshed and enthusiastic again, knowing that my running has purpose. Currently browsing some races to sign up for to make sure I stick at it! Hope tomorrow goes well, let me know how you get on!


Oh Fraz, I have just read your earlier blog and sorry but I did laugh! You paint such a marvelous, vivid picture of what happened! I'm just glad you manged to get everything dry in time for another go at it and that your shoes were not ruined....I think I would have cried at that alone!

I'm glad though that it all came together for you and your mojo is back with the the B210k programme. I downloaded this yesterday and once I'm back on my feet I will do a few more 5k's before moving onto this - its seems good! Sue


Thanks Sue and no need to apologise. It was funny! I actually wish someone had managed to catch it on camera :D Yes my beloved Brooks are fine (if they had been ruined I would have SOBBED!!) Definitely got my mojo back and can't wait for Tuesday and run 2. Hope you feel better soon - I've had back injuries from dancing so I know how horrible they are - and get back out there. It would be great for a few of us grads to get through B210K.


Well done Fraz, nice work! Sounds like after the false start this morning (I admit a little chuckle at your muddy shenanigans!) that your first B210K venture was a success! You covered a really great distance!

How does B210K work? It is like C25K in that you will have to repeat that twice this week and then move onto the next podcast? How many weeks are there?


Well done, on washing and drying your running shoes - and you presumably - and getting out there again! Great pace - you'll soon be dashing along for 10K at this rate!


Sorry that I missed your earlier blog :( sounds like it was fun :p However, well done on getting started on the B210K :) I did parkrun on Saturday so going to start on the next phase tomorrow. Sounds like it could be good.


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