Couch to 5K

Today is the BIGGIE!

Today is the day! The big 20 minute hurdle.....

On the one hand, my head is saying 'bring it on' and my other head is saying 'there is no way you can do this if you struggled with the last run, which was 9min, 3min walk, 9 min, 5 min! The reason I know I can do it is because I recovered really quickly on the last run, when the walking bit came and I felt I was ready to go again after a minute or so........the problem is how do I mentally keep going for 20 mins. My legs are still a bit sore from yesterday. Anyway, what warm ups do you do prior to your running? I tend to just use the warm up five minutes and I don't think that is enough. Are there specific exercises that will help?

I've also changed my iPod music after the last song on the last run was Black Eyed Peas 'I can't go any further than this'! Not good, but really did make me laugh.

Loving this forum, so thank you everyone for keeping me motivated and more importantly actually really enjoying it

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Hey, I know you can do this, your ready for the challenge go for it.

Before you know it 20 mins will be done. Good music is important too to spur you on.


You can do it! I did my W5 R3 20 min yesterday and I was feeling the same as you!

On my rest day previous however, I did a new workout routine and was suffering from DOMS a little bit on my big 20 min run day. I normally do a cardio work out on the rest days but wanted to try some new exercises, will be easing it in next time! I just made sure I did some good stretching before the 5 min warm up, including some lunges.

All day at work pre-run I was have a mental struggle of "Yes you can, no you can't!" and getting geared up for it with equal amounts of excitement and nerves. As soon as I got home I threw on the joggers and went. I was unsure if I could last the 20 mins but I just took it slow and surely enough when I knew I only had 5 mins left, it didn't seem as bad at all! In fact I felt like I could have gone on for some more!

(Long time lurker, officially joined now in order to bring the support! You can do it!)


Thank you Sergio....lurking is no good when you can bring support like that, thank you and to you burstcouch (love the name)!


I did it!! In fact I was very very surprised by how well I did it too! Strangely it was much easier than the run prior which had a three min walk included. Go figure. Anyway I was chuffed to bits and thought I'd share


Well done! Knew you could do it :)


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