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*gasps* the dreaded 20 mins is done.... bye bye week 5, it's been a blast!

Can't quite believe I've done it....

I have tried to get myself motivated and into running so many times and failed miserably. Then I stumbled across C25K... now 5 weeks in and I actually feel like this is something I could seriously get into! Yeah, me, who'd a thought it :) Nearly 40, and between 3 & 4 stone overweight depending on which slimming club you listen to!

I hadn't been thinking about 'it' too much this week, but the feeling of dread just washed over me when I got up this morning. It would've been too easy to turn back over and grab another hour in bed, but no, there was a little voice telling me to 'just try it'. So I got up and dressed thinking 'you can always walk'

The 5 minute walk warm up was awful. I was struggling to find my breathing rhythym and this continued for the first 5 minutes of the run (although its more of a shuffle in my case - but hey, I'm moving!)

By 10 minutes I had got into a steady trot. By the time Laura said 'you have done 15 minutes' I was really feeling it, but there was no way I was gonna stop there. With 2 minutes to go I dug deep chanting Greg's mantra (in my head as there was no spare breath) 'I'm a Kenyan on the inside' :)

So I did it. There is no-one more surprised than me right now!

And as I sit here typing this the heavans have opened - again.... looks like I'll need the Ark to get to work today.

Now I'm off to treat myself to a glass of water and a healthy snack 8-)

Happy running everyone :) :) :)

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Well done! Good to see others getting through Week 5 and justifiably feeling so chuffed! :D


Whooopppp! Well done, a great achievement. :) :) I'm going to use Greg's mantra may help me get a PB at the local Parkrun (that or get a go faster cap - worked for Oldgirl!)


Well done you! That is fantastic. :-) :-) Really happy for you, this is probably one of the best runs of the series - just realising that actually, yes, you CAN do it! Big high five from this side of the screen! :-)


Woot! You ARE a Kenyan on the inside!


Well done you've cracked the big one - well over half way now :-)


Well done! I'm facing that one tomorrow. :)


Wonderful! And you did it all yourself... Proud moment indeed. I must confess to using Greg's mantra too... Keeps me going.


Thanks Everyone :)


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