W3R2 question

W3R2 question

My third outside run in a row! I'm giggling looking at the picture of the route as it looks like I run up and down myself as I (a) try to stick to as much flat as possible and (b) take advantage of the wide vistas to choose paths that avoid the teenagers I see walking my way, even though I'm kilometres away. It's kinda comedy.

I found tonight harder. I went around 6pm before I'd had my dinner and immediately wished I'd eaten the banana I left in the car before I set out. I felt more tired and in the second 3min run I had to drop to a walk for 10 seconds before Laura saying you have only a minute left. I'm learning I do this programme better in the morning or within a couple of hours of lunch.

I presume this counts as not having completed W3R2 so I should put an extra run in? I'm now worrying that week 4 will be beyond me.....

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  • Help! - I have just read that week 4 is 5 mins running....and with a really big increase in the number of minutes running overall compared to week 3. I'm genuinely not sure that after one more run I will be able to do that? Anyone else a bit bigger able to prove this is possible?

  • Is this an example of gremlins even before an event? And how many more wee indents down can I make? Lol

  • Don't worry about your next run. If you feel ok about run you have just done then move on . If you need to turn.it into a practice for the actual run or want to build your confidence then repeat the run. Trust in the programme.Each week prepares you for the next one. Tell it to the gremlins!โ˜บ

  • You sound like you done enough of the run to move on. None of us felt ready to do the next stage, you will be surprised ;)

  • Just take it slow, the programme works ! Don't overthink how long you will be running , it is possible! Just don't let the gremlins in your head say you 'can't' because you can! Take it in small stages, look to the next tree, post, whatever and focus on reaching it, then find another one to aim for, makes the run seem more manageable, it worked for me, I struggled with 3 minutes, now can run over an hour!

  • Everyone is right - trust in the program coz it definitely works. Unless you experience real pain or are totally unable to complete a session then you should be able to move on. I had to repeat weeks 1 and 2 but after that progressed steadily to yesterday's graduation and some of the best highs came when I kicked those gremlins in the rear !๐Ÿ˜€ Many of us find morning running easier too, I guess we have more energy then!

  • Felt exactly the same last week, I'm on week 4 now, just done the second run and it is okay - I promise! I'm now fretting over next week as I was thinking 5 mins would be impossible last week - how does it jump to 20 at the end of next week? But I thought that for week 1 to 2, so we can do it :)

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