Very nearly nearly managed w3d1 till I got bbq legs 😞

So after having two days off ( putting off starting wk3 and also because the weather was very wild yesterday) I had to fight for an hour to get the twins ready ( they are having an early night tonight! I FINALLY got on the tracks albeit in the not best focused frame of mind. 😑

I started off really well and followed it to the letter! I even surprised myself at running ( very slowly) 3 mins straight!! πŸ˜„ I felt fantastic and did the next 1.30 run with ease thinking how easy 1.30 mins was when you had just done 3, but on the next 3 min run my calves were on fire!! I struggled so much πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜– I only managed about a minute then I had to walk a little, I kept trying to jog but I struggled so much 😞

How can a run go from being so positive to being so negative 😑 Don't get me wrong I am still doing better than week 1 by a long shot! I supposed carrying 17 stone along with me doesn't help 😞 It's so annoying that I've let myself get to this weight but it's so difficult to lose it......


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  • Ah Twinnie dont be disheartened. Look on the positive. You ran for 3 mins straight. Thats 3 whole minutes. And then not stopping there you ran for another 1.30 mins. Hows that for an improvement from week 1. Im dead proud of you and so should you be.

  • I know twinnie, need to try and be more positive ☺️ Happy I've done it, just gotta keep plugging on! Good news is daddy is back tommorow so my next run will be just me! I hope lol x

  • Thats better. Stay positive and keep smiling and keep plugging on.

  • Well done! You know where you are so you can work on getting the last couple of minutes on the last run!

    I am overweight too which was gained when i was an onmi. I am now eating healthier as a vegan. Maybe count calories using the nhs plan?

    Inspiring progress! Happy for you :)

  • Not to worry - just keep plugging away. You ran for 3 minutes which was unimaginable a couple of weeks ago!

  • Well, you are greatly improving your fitness by running, I have noticed my energy levels, breathing and heart rate all much better than before. The tricky "losing weight" issue though, I haven't lost weight since running commenced but that is my responsibility,mi eat too much and don't track my food intake, so I "guess" what I should eat each day. As from today, going to track everything in terms of calories using My Fitness Pal which is a free App as I lost 2 stone using it. I think because I am running, I deserve a treat which undoes all my exercising LOL

  • yes, good point, I need to watch that too (the rewarding myself) I am on slimming world but I will be honest I stick to plan around 80% of the time and am still loosing but slowly. I took a banana and a packet of hula hoops pufts as a reward for after the run today - only 3 syns in all, so I felt I was treating myself!

  • You really are doing well - you have progressed from week 1. Remember your only competitor is yourself so don't push yourself too hard. Slow can mean taking longer to move forward by repeating some of the runs if they are particular tough. On the advise of Irish-John , take a few practice runs if you need to.

    I use my Fitness Pal too, but if you want to lose weight ignore the extra calories it allocates for exercise! Also set yourself a target to only shed 1lb a week - statistics have shown that weight loss at this rate is more likely to be kept off. If you lose it too quickly you will put it all back on and more - I know I've done it all too often.

  • Maybe the first runs you went a little fast? On the next ones try going slow slow and slower still on the first runs so you have reserves left for the other runs

  • No slinky I paced myself, I don't think I could actually go any slower! I was merely in a jogging motion placing one foot after the other for the 3 mins run because I knew it would be tough. I am pleased I managed what I did, just frustrated because I want to do it properly lol x

  • Oh, I think thats a well done!! Think how far you have come already....keep at it and good luck :-)

  • Imagine going back in time to see the you who started off on W1R1 and complaining that you "only" ran three minutes non stop, then "only" ran for another minute and a half... I'm ready to bet that your 'old you' would probably chase you down the road with a big stick and make you run as far again! So chin up and be proud of yourself - there are good runs and not-so-good runs, but in both cases, a run is much better than no run. So tap yourself on the back and tell yourself you rock - because you do.

  • Please don't beat yourself up about it. You went out and ran and that deserves a standing ovation. These are the first steps in a lifelong journey so be kind to yourself and acknowledge your successes, don't dwell on the negatives. You are a clever, determined and extremely motivated person and you will do this.

  • Take heart,you are on the right route. I believe the only approach to long term weight loss is only to do that which is sustainable. Slow and steady, just like the running!

  • Do not worry. Calves on fire?...check. Week 3?... Check! It was EXACTLY the same for me. One run where I couldn't complete the final 3 minutes. Then one where I did. Then another one where the final 3 minutes eluded me again and then finally 3 runs on the trot where I managed to get through it. Week 3 took me two weeks to complete (and week 4 seemed like a breeze after that)! Two weeks ago after that first desperate 60 second jog, did you ever in your wildest dreams believe you could do even one lot of 3 minutes non-stop? You will get there. Your stamina and resilience are improving with each run even though it might not feel like it!

  • You are totally right Mcfitty, 3 weeks ago 60 secs was torture and I did manage at least one lot of 3 mins this morning, I didn't even think I could do it this morning so yes I have achieved. I have read some advice on trying a little ibuprofen gel on my calves before running, I might give it a go , nothing to lose ☺️ I went back and read all my previous posts, wow what a journey in only a short space of time! πŸ˜‰ I am proud πŸ˜„

    I am not stressing so much about my weight because I'm hoping the fitter I am, the more I will do, and the weight will naturally come off. I am ( or was! ) a self confessed couch potato and that was more the problem than the food ( I hope)!!

    My plan is to do 2 weeks of week 3 and let my body catch up to the plan. I thought I was pushing it starting week 3, but I have and I will see this through πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ thank you to everyone for your support because if I'm honest I think this is what's spurring me on and keeping me going πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ xx

  • Confession... I use the gel before quite a few runs. Also foam roller regularly now and massage my calves every free moment! They are my ever present grumble muscle! πŸ˜„

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ think I might need to do the same lol

  • Keep at it Titchy21 , rejoice in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.

    Don't worry about repeating any weeks , or taking extra days, this is YOUR journey.

    I didn't lose any weight at all doing the programme , but I did " tone " up. It wasn't until I joined Slimming World that the weight fell away. I lost 1stone 10lbs . I just stopped eating crap and concentrated on replacing it with good stuff, lean meat, lots of veg, etc.

    You've got off the couch and youre out there. You will find it more comfortable as you progress.

    Good Luck, you CAN do this ! :-) xxx

  • <-- another cheerer-on for SW (sorry I know this isn't the forum for it) my group are so, so supportive of C25K and many people are amazed and encouraged by my feeble efforts

  • I think I had about nine 'repeat segments' all told. But there are only 'Practice' days and 'Success' days - not 'Fail' days. If it were easy to do each segment, it would not build up the stamina to one day - and that day is closer than you could ever imagine before the programme - running the whole thirty minutes without stopping. You have two weeks in the bank and now a 'practice day' - keep on keeping on and upwards and onwards :)

  • That's those gremlins! You can push past them, it's a very mental battle but you can train yourself to win against them!

    Make sure you stretch after runs and I find calf stretches between the warm up walk and the running intervals help with calf pain during the run.

    You're doing great and you will continue to do so too! Well done for getting this far. We're all with you. :)

  • Do u just do the warm up walk, pause it, do stretches and continue? I'm going this morning and I'm going to gel my legs about 30 mins before going. Then I might give that a go too! Plus I won't have this kids with me so I can properly focus.

  • Exactly, I just keep an eye on how long I've been out, pause the podcast at around 4 minutes, stretch for a bit and then carry on.

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