Couch to 5K

In your face, week two, run one!

Nawww... been childminding and helping my daughter move house for several days, so missed my third day last week and was a bit nervous about going on to week two, this week, after repeating week one three times...but ever mindful of the great advice on here, I have just been out... and me and my legs did it! In a strange way I found the 90 seconds running with 2 minutes in between, easier than the first week, which was a bit unexpected.

More childminding tomorrow and Wednesday, then back out again on Thursday. It's great to read so many encouraging posts on this forum and to know that I'm not the only one in the early stages of my journey :)

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Well done! I found week 2 easier, too. I think I felt like I was just getting a rhythm at 60 seconds and then it had to stop. Onwards!


Go you...onward and upward :)


Exactly! This support system is really good. We all prop each other up when needs be and big each other up when there are celebrations to be had. We share lots of those!

Keep up the good work. Slow but sure. That's us. Have fun!!!


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